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(Opening Theme)
In the Dreamhouse Living Room
Barbie is about to dust a statue when the doorbell rings

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Barbie opens the door

Barbie: Midge? I can't believe it! Oh, my best old bestie! What a surprise!
Midge: Surprise? But I sent you a telegram a month ago.
Barbie: (confused) A tele-what?

Laughtrack plays

On the confessional couch

Barbie: Midge is my best friend from Willows, Wisconsin, where I grew up. Things are a bit behind the times there. They don't have computers, or cell phones or... even colors!

Laughtrack plays

In the Dreamhouse Foyer

Midge: I have the grooviest of news. I'm... moving... to Malibu!

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea enter the room

Skipper: Wow! You look like a movie on that channel nobody ever watches.

Laughtrack plays, causing Skipper to look around looking for where it came from

Skipper: Anybody hear that?
Barbie: Guys! This is Midge!
Skipper: What's up?
Chelsea: Hey!
Stacie: (winks and makes her teeth click)
Midge: (confused) Uh... hello?
Skipper: Gotta bounce. We're off to the skate park.
Chelsea: Stacie's going to teach me how to grind an Ollie!

Stacie spins her skateboard

Stacie: Check ya later!

Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea leave

Midge: Did you understand any of that?

Laughtrack plays

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: How about a snack?

Barbie flips the counter around to reveal an assortment of food. Midge gasps in shock, and flips the counter around multiple times to reveal a Schlond Poofa, Blissa, and the Little Miss Cupcake-elator, which shoots out some cupcakes and one hits her in the face. The laughtrack is heard accompanying each item

Midge: Oh! I broke it!
Barbie: Of course you didn't.

Barbie squats down to pick up a cupcake

Midge: (gasps)You're fully articulated?! I can only do this.

Midge bends over at the waist, causing her to fall flat on her face and yelp while the laughtrack plays and she gets up, dazed
Ryan enters the kitchen

Ryan: Great news, Barbie! I wrote a seven act rock opera about you.

Midge turns around and sees Ryan as he flips his hair

Ryan: (singing) Ohhhh—
Barbie: Um, how about we hear that later. (laughtrack plays) I have a guest visiting. Ryan... Midge?
Midge: Hi! (snorts) Ah, where'd you get those wig-on threads? (giggles)
Ryan: Uh, yeah, right back at you dude. I'll come back when throw back pal here is, well, thrown back.

Ryan runs out of the room, dropping his music. The laughtrack plays

Midge: Va-va-va-voom! Wait! I just got a brainwave! You could give me a makeover! Turn me from flashback to flash-fabulous!
Barbie: (gasps) Awesome idea!

A montage is shown of Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea helping Midge get caught up on the times. In it, Midge is shown shoes in the Dreamhouse Living Room, Midge tries to grab a poodle skirt in The Barbie Closet before being whisked away by Barbie (accompanied by the laughtrack), Barbie and her sisters give Midge a manicure and a pedicure, Skipper unsuccessfully tries to show how technology has updated (accompanied by a laughtrack), and all four sisters give her a makeover before high-fiving.

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Ryan opens the door

Ryan: (laughs) Forgot my sheet music.

Barbie and her sisters and Midge come down the stairs, with Midge flipping her hair as Ryan looks at her in awe before running over towards her

Ryan: Wow! Madge!
Midge: It's Midge.

Laughtrack plays

Ryan: If things between me and Barbie don't work out, maybe we could go somewhere sometime and possibly do something?

Skipper and Stacie high-five as Barbie giggles

Midge: That'd be, like, crazy man! Oh! We could go to the drive-in. Or the malt shop! Or maybe even a sockhop!

Stacie facepalms as a laughtrack plays. Ryan then is heard driving off

Midge: (sighs)
Barbie: Hey! Let's head to Zuma for some surfing!
Midge: I'll get the sunscreen! (gasps) Oh! And I'll get my board. Let's hit the waves!

Midge runs to the front door, but she stops herself from leaving due to her surfboard being too wide. The laughtrack plays continuously

Barbie: (laughs) She's gonna fit in just fine.
Skipper: Seriously, does nobody hear that?

Barbie shrugs and an iris zooms in on Skipper looking annoyed, before closing entirely
(Closing Theme)

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