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A Spooky Sleepover
Season 3, Episode 4
Episode 27 Overall
Upload Date February 27, 2013
Synopsis Barbie has the perfect sleepover planned, but Ryan is hoping to scare up some hugs.
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A Spooky Sleepover is the fourth episode of the third season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie, Raquelle, Nikki and Teresa all have a sleepover at the Dreamhouse, however Ken intercepts a costumed Ryan who is planning to scare the girls in order to get some hugs.


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  • Raquelle reveals that she doesn't like to make cupcakes, but she likes to eat them.
  • Barbie sports a different hairdo in this episode. She has a ponytail and full bangs, as opposed to the usual curly half-ponytail and side bangs.
  • Ryan probably suffers from astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning.
  • Both Ryan and Ken seem to be highly proficient in Professional Wrestling, using several well known wrestling maneuvers in the episode; including a Texas Cloverleaf (reverse figure-four leglock), Full Nelson, and a side headlock (which Ken is able to reverse into a German Suplex)
  • Ryan is afraid of both Zombies and his own reflection in this episode.

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