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Accidentally on Porpoise
Season 2, Episode 7
Episode 21 Overall
Upload Date November 22, 2012
Synopsis Chelsea adopts new pet dolphins that get loose in the plumbing. Barbie leads the gang on a rescue mission.
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Accidentally on Porpoise is the seventh episode of the second season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Chelsea adopts three new dolphins who manage to escape their aquarium and enter the plumbing of Malibu.


Chelsea wants Barbie to adopts some new pets as she doesn't get rid of Taffy, Tawny and Blissa. Barbie ask Chelsea if she wants a hamster or a gold fish but Chelsea get three dolphins Splashy, Flippy and Jumpy. Barbie asks who install the aquarium and Ken steps out that he install it as a gift for Barbie. Barbie claims that they are not able to adopt the dolphins but Chelsea doesn't hears. As soon dolphins ran in all things for water like taps, bath tub, showers etc. Barbie decide to get on a rescue mission for dolphins. All goes to rescue the dolphins. Ken checks in kitchen wearing swimsuit but dolphin threatened Ken. Barbie finds in bath room as a dolphin was taking shower as soon Barbie reaches but dolphin goes. All hear a drastic voice and thinks dolphins are hurt that's why they shout but voice was of Raquelle as she saw dolphins in washroom. It reveals that Raquelle is scared of dolphins. Then they went Ryan's house ask Ryan to tell when dolphins comes and behind them dolphins came frightened Ryan eats sushi of Ryan. Barbie got an idea that dolphins like sushi so as they throw some sushi in the aquarium so as dolphins comes and eat and this the only way to catch dolphins. The plan works and dolphins come to their place. The gang decide to get back all the dolphins. When the dolphins all says a good bye to them.


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