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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: C'mon, Chelsea, not the begging dance.

Chelsea: Can we, Barbie? Can we, can we, can we?

Barbie: We have so many pets already!

Chelsea: Name one.

Barbie: Well there's Blissa...

Skipper: And Taffy...

Stacie: And Tawny.

Chelsea: But we've had those pets forever! I want one of my own.

--All the pets was surprised by what Chelsea said--

Barbie: Okay, were you thinking a hamster, a goldfish? Maybe one of those cute, non-pooping virtual pets. Dolphins?!

--Blissa, Taffy and Tawny were doing tricks while Barbie was talking to Chelsea so they can entertain them so that they won't buy a new pet but nobody was watching--

Chelsea: Meet Flippy, Splashy, and Jumpy.

--Then Blissa, Taffy and Tawny surprised again--

Barbie: Where did you get dolphins? And who installed the aquarium?

Ken: You like it, Barbie? Maybe I should've gone for 5 stories, and added a reef, and kelp bed. Wait! I can fix it!

Barbie: No, Ken! The aquarium's fine. But, Chelsea, we can't keep 3 dolphins.

Chelsea: Look into their eyes, and tell me you can say no.

--Barbie looked at the aquarium but the dolphins were gone--

Barbie: What in the world?!

Chelsea: Where could they have gone?

Ken: I might've accidentally hooked the aquarium into the pluming...

Stacie: Of the dreamhouse?

Ken: Of the whole neighborhood.

Chelsea: Barbie, what do we do?

Dolphins: (squeals)

Barbie: We need to track 'em down!

--Ken was wearing a pair of goggles, a plastic dolphin fin on his back, a pair of swimming fins on his feet and was carrying a plunger. He went to the kitchen and got closer to the basin and suddenly saw a dolphin coming out from the basin and went back in--

Dolphin: (squeals)

Ken: AAAH!

--Ken ran away--

Ken (on couch): We're gonna need a bigger plunger...

--then the dolphin appears suddenly again behind his couch--

Dolphin: (squeals)

Ken (on couch): AAAH!

--And Ken of his couch--

--Barbie heard something and opened her bathroom door and saw one dolphin takin a bath and the dolphin squeals and jumps in the bath tub and into the sink and Barbie opened the curtains of her bat tub--

Barbie: Aw, she took my loofah.

--And everybody heard a high-pitched screaming and Chelsea thought one of her dolphins got hurt--

Chelsea: Oh, no! She sounds like she's hurt!

Skipper: That was no dolphin. That was...

--Then everybody went to Raquelle's bathroom--

Barbie: Raquelle?

Raquelle: Th-th, there was something in there! (speaks like she's scared)

--Raquelle pointed her finger at her toilet while talking and Ken thinks it was dolphin poo--

Ken: Eew!

Raquelle: It poked its head out and said something.

--And the dolphin came out suddenly from the toilet--

Dolphin: (squeals)

Raquelle: AAAAH!! (she screamed a long time until she fainted)

Chelsea: Catch it!

Ken: Flush it!

--Raquelle still screams when Ken and Chelsea was talking--

Raquelle (on couch): The thing about a dolphin, he's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes, and then those black eyes roll over white... (shivers) ...then you hear that terrible high-pitched screaming!

Ryan (from distant): AAAH!

--Everybody heard Ryan's scream--

Everybody: Ryan!

--And they all went to Ryan's Mansion--

Ryan: This spa's for babes! Not bottlenoses!

Stacie: Well, if she comes back, give us a shout.

--Then everybody was about to go home when suddenly the dolphin came out from Ryan's spa--

Dolphin: (squeals)

Ryan: AAAH! He ate all my Sushi Great Ahituna! That was for me! And the babes.

--Then the three dolphins worea blonde wig and having Sushi Great Ahituna with Ryan's box-made statue of himself--

Dolphins (on couch): Pass the wasabi, Ryan. (all squeals)

Barbie: (gasp) That's it! We just need to lure them back to the aquarium.

--Then everyone went back to the dreamhouse and Barbie went to the top of the aquarium and put some Sushi into the aquarium and the dolphins went back to the aquarium--

Chelsea: (gasp) You're back!

--Then one of the dolphins ate the sushi--

Skipper: I don't know, Chelsea, maybe wanna work your way up to dolphins.

--And Chelsea let her dolphins went to the ocean. Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea and their pets watch as go back to the ocean waving their hands--

Chelsea: Good-bye!

Skipper: That was pretty mature of you to let them go back to the ocean.

Chelsea: Thanks, Skipper!

--Blissa and Taffy hi-fived while Skipper and Chelsea was talking

Barbie: And Ken figured out a way to connect the aquarium to the ocean so they can come back any time. Right, Ken?

--Tawny was carrying a hair dryer while Barbie was talking and Jen was in the aquarium reading the instructions--

Ken: What? Yes, I think so.

--Then Ken pulled the lever in the aquarium and Barbie's hedge out in the front yard and Ken was flushed out into the ocean--

Ken: AAAH!

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