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Barbie: A whole day at the beach. Just me and my girls. That's everything. Although, I have the strange feeling that I forgot something. Oh, well, let's picnic people.

Chelsea: Ready for the beach. Oh, no, they left without me. They left without me. Woo-hoo.

Chelsea: Whoa-aah. Woo-hoo.

Chelsea: And that, my friends, is how it's done. A royal flush? 53 card pickup.

Barbie: What've we here? Oops, there's more. I had this nagging feeling that I forgot something important.

Raquelle: Do you hear that?

Ryan: Hear what?

Raquelle: It's coming from Barbie's house. Which is weird because they're all the way on some kind of boring bonding picnic.

Ryan: Maybe somebody broke in. We better hide.

Raquelle: That's it. We're going to catch the robber and save 1959 Malibu Way.

Raquelle: What? It's the neighborly thing to do. And after I explain to the paparazzi how I saved the day, I'll get international fame and-- Wait for it. A signature soda.

Ryan: Can't we just use the front door?

Raquelle: It's called the element of surprise. Hello.

Ryan: Aah. Taffy, quit it.

Dreamhouse voice: Intruder. Intruder. Intruder.

Chelsea: Uh-oh. Looks like it's up to me to defend the Dreamhouse.

Ryan: Whoa. Ah!

Chelsea: Yes.

Raquelle: Well?

Ryan: Ah!

Raquelle: Get me that intruder. My line of signature soda is riding on this.

Ryan: Ah! Ugh. Eh, eh...

Raquelle: Aah.

Chelsea: Had enough or are you thirsty for more? Actually, I am thirsty.

Barbie: I knew I forgot something.

Chelsea: Wait, Barbie. Oh, well, more time to party. Whoa.

Ryan: I saved your house, Barbie.

Barbie: Ryan? Raquelle?

Chelsea: It's my home. I have to defend it.

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