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Another Day at the Beach
Season 4, Episode 3
Episode 34 Overall
Upload Date July 10, 2013
Synopsis Barbie is determined to bring two of her best friends together for some fun in the sun!
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Another Day at the Beach is the third episode of the fourth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie is determined to make Midge and Summer get along, despite the fact that they have nothing in common.


Barbie brings along Summer and Midge to the beach, hoping they can have fun day, although they are complete opposites. They begin arguing over who Barbie gets to spend time with. Barbie eventually has both of them try different activities, with Summer trying macrame and Midge trying the shark cage. Midge is terrified, while Summer loves the macrame. Afterwards, Midge and Summer decide to have a macrame-off while Barbie decides to read her magazine in the shark cage.

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  • This is the third "sequel" episode from the first season that the show's done, following Closet Princess 2.0 and Ooh How Campy, Too.
  • A large sand statue of two Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots can be seen at the start of the episode. This is the second cameo of another Mattel property inserted into the show, after the He-Man cameos in The Shrinkerator and Happy Bathday to You.
  • Barbie's problem with driving is carried over from Licensed to Drive, as she is speeding so fast Midge almost throws up.
  • Barbie refers to a Frisbee as a "generic flying disc", more than likely due to the fact that Wham-O owns the copyright on the name instead of Mattel.
  • The Fish appears twice, once while Midge in in the shark cage, wearing a shark fin hat, and a second time when Barbie is in the shark cage, floating along in the background.
  • Midge's love of macramé is brought into question once again, as she weaves her own sun shelter in a matter of minutes.
  • Summer's competitive edge kicks in when she decides to hold a macramé-off against Midge to see who is the better crafter.
  • Summer reveals that the only food she eats are high-energy protein pellets and that her favorite flavor is 'yellow'.
  • Midge comments that she isn't a fan of exotic foods and that she considers whole wheat bread to be too 'spicy' for her taste buds.

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