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(Opening Theme)
In The Barbie Bedroom
Barbie's alarm clock turns to eight while Barbie is sleeping

Alarm Clock: Barbie! Barbie!
Wake up and greet the day!
Here you go!
Here's your morning bouquet!

The alarm clock pops out a bouquet of flours. Barbie grabs the bouquet and sniffs it contently. She goes to the bathroom and is about to brush her teeth when she realizes she has bed head

Barbie: (gasps) AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
Birds fly off of the roof

In the bathroom
Barbie picks up a hairbrush

Barbie: Yikes! Gotta tame this crazy hair! ("crazy hair" echoes as Barbie flashes-back)

Outside a theater
Barbie exits a limo parked at a red carpet while paparazzi take photos of her

Paparazzi: Hey! Barbie! Over her! Over here! Barbie!

Ken holds out his elbow to Barbie, and she puts her arm in his elbow. They head down the red carpet when Raquelle appears in front of them with bedhead

Raquelle: It's your lucky day, paparazzi! Feast your eyes on this! (silence) What? (Raquelle looks in a mirror) AAAHH! Why is it always me? How come this stuff never happens to Barbie?

Barbie thinks about what Raquelle said

In the bathroom
Barbie thinks of an idea

Barbie: (gasps happily) I'm gonna make this Raquelle's best day ever! All I need is, umm... duct tape, some pea soup, rubber boots, and a few turkey feathers.

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie opens the front door wearing an ugly outfit

Barbie: Hello, world!

Ken sees Barbie while driving his car and crashes it. He walks back over to Barbie, holding his broken steering wheel and his eyes rolling

Ken: Barbie? Is that you? (shakes head to clear it)
Barbie: Sure is, Ken! What do you think of the new me?

Ken looks at the camera, worried

On confessional couch
Ken is moving back and forth and his eyes are rolling

Ken: I'll never understand high fashion. Huh, feelin' kinda woozy...

Ken falls off the couch

Barbie parks her car near a woman

Woman: (gasps) Barbie?! (Takes picture of Barbie with her phone and sends it to everyone in her contact list

In The Restaurant
Everyone stares at her

Raquelle: Hello all! Please no pic— Barbie!? What happened? Did you cut your hair?! You know it never grows back.
Barbie: (depressed) Oh! This is all I can pull together.

On the confessional couch

Raquelle: Look at her! Has she lost her style sense? Oh, who cares? I'm the star today!

In The Restaurant

Barbie: Your outfit's amazing, Raquelle! Maybe you could give me some fashion tips?
Raquelle: Me? Yes! No! I mean, finally!
Teresa: Hi, girls!

Teresa and Nikki are both wearing Barbie's outfit

Barbie: What happened to you two?
Nikki: Don't be so modest, Barbie. You know you invented this look, and it's taking the world by storm—Trashin' Fashion!

The TV shows a model on a runway wearing Barbie's clothes. The women in the restaurant rush over to admire Barbie, leaving Raquelle all alone

Raquelle: (annoyed) You people want wacko? Check this out! Give me that!

Raquelle takes a bowl of yellow food and dumps it on her head, making her hair wet

Raquelle: Hey! What about this?
Crowd: (murmurs discontentedly)
Raquelle: Oh! I give up!
Barbie: Genius! Talk about a daring, cutting edge look! Snaps to you, Raquelle!
Crowd: (murmurs happily)
Raquelle: It's all in the soup, people! Check it out!
Crowd: (continues to murmur)

Raquelle puts the bowl on her head, and the crowd goes over to Raquelle

Raquelle: Easy, folks! You'll all get your turn to be souped up!

Ken enters The Restaurant in his underwear holding his steering wheel and teeters dizzily, with his eyes rolling around

Barbie: Ken?
Ken: Relax, Barbie. It's just a concussion-induced dream.
Barbie: Uh, Ken? (whispers) This isn't a dream.

All the women stare at Ken
Ken screams and runs out of The Restaurant, crashing into something and causing the steering wheel to roll away
(Closing Theme)

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