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Barbie Technical Institute
Season 1, Episode 14b
Episode 14b Overall
Upload Date June 15, 2012
Synopsis Enroll in the Barbie Technical Institute and have a resume like Barbie.
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Barbie Technical Institute is the second of four bonus episodes accompanying season one. In this episode, Barbie, with the help of Ryan, advertises the Barbie Technical Institute, where you can attain the skills to fulfill one of the 135 (and counting) careers that Barbie has.


Barbie advertises the Barbie Technical Institute where people can get resumes similar to Barbie's.

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  • A doctor's diploma from the institute is shown in Doctor Barbie.
  • The jobs seen were ambassador, dentist, lifeguard, astronaut, princess, teenage fashion model, fashion designer, nightclub singer, ballerina, registered nurse, flight attendant, executive, babysitter, candy striper, fashion editor, student teacher, junior designer, aerobics instructor, beauty queen, prima ballerina, singer, surgeon, stewardess, downhill skier, figure skater, actress, fashion model, CEO, basketball player, amusement park guide, broadway musical actress, cosmetics representative, stock trader, commercial airline pilot, soccer player, detective, trend forecaster, car hop, bowler, swimmer, movie star, skateboarder, flower shop girl, candy shop girl, sign language teacher, Spanish teacher, paratrooper, art teacher, train conductor, tango dancer, aviator, producer, cosmetics consultant, zoologist, waitress, pet sitter, baby photographer, cake baker, secretary, model, cabaret dancer, ballet teacher, soccer coach, swim instructor, tv chef, zoo doctor, artist., marine park trainer, preschool teacher, dog sitter, dog walker, gymnastics coach, dentist, snowboarder, pizza chef, ballroom dancer, news anchor, computer engineer, architect, lifeguard, skier, pony doctor, fortune cookie writer, dress designer, veterinarian, rock star, doctor, pop star, army officer, tv dancer, air force pilot, music video star, naval petty officer, sergeant, presidential candidate, rap musician, chef, police officer, army medic, golfer, pediatrician, scuba diver, country western star, teacher, lifeguard, firefighter, circus star, gymnast, dentist, paleontologist, boutique owner, equestrian, and landscape gardener. Some of them are repeated.

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