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Barbie: Are you stuck in a dead-end job?

--Ryan nods sadly--

Barbie: Do you want to change careers as fast as I change outfits?

--Ryan excitedly nods--

Barbie: Then enroll today in the Barbie Technical Institute, where you'll choose from careers like ambassador, dentist, lifeguard, astronaut, princess, racecar driver, ballerina! All classes are taught by me, Barbie! The only person in the world who's had 126 careers, and counting! Wait, I was never a fortune cookie writer! Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Barbie: Yes, graduate from Barbie Technical Institute and your résumé will look like mine!

--Barbie throws stack of paper at Ryan--

Barbie: So get off that couch, pick up the phone and start on the career of your dreams. Enroll now! Operators are standing by.

--Ken is asleep on his couch, a silent phone placed on the coffee table in front of him--

Barbie: The Barbie Technical Institute.

Voice-Over: Barbie Technical Institute is accredited by the association of non-accredited colleges. Outfits not included, diplomas sold separately.

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