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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: Everybody ready? Ta-dah! --Barbie comes out in her typical Season 1 everyday-outfit--

Teresa: Woo-hoo! Kudos, Barbie. Truly - fabusome!

Raquelle: I don't know. I think my outfit is pretty gorge!

Barbie: Raquelle, did you mean gorge-ilicious, or gorge-tastic?

Raquelle: No, Barbie. --saying her name all funny-- I meant gorge!

Teresa: Are you learning a foreign language?

Raquelle: It's short for gorgeous!

Barbie: Oh, now I get it!

Teresa: Well, that's just horrible!

Nikki: Just saying, gorgeous would have been simpler.

Raquelle: You know what? I'm gonna find a more gorge group of frenemies!

Nikki: Like, give it up, Raquelle! Gorge is not happening.

Barbie: Raquelle! Wait!

--Raquelle walks out of the mall--

--Raquelle walking out on the street complaining out loud to herself--

Raquelle: They think they're so fabusome! I'll show them! -Raquelle walks into an alternative-world of Malibu. She looks back, then looks to the other side again-- --She looks back again, then again. She looks back and shrugs; walking down the gloomy street- You know what? Barbie must be worried! She - she's learned her lesson. *Gasps loudly*

Vicki: Hey there!

Blarbie: Hello.

Raquelle: Uhn..Hello?

Vicki: I'm Vicki!

Clarrisa: I'm Clarrisa!

Blarbie: I'm...Blarbie.

Vicki: Are you new here?

Blarbie: You're so pretty. I could never be like you!

Raquelle: What?

Blarbie: You're fabulous!

Clarrisa: Your shoes and hair!

Blarbie: And I'm not.

Vicki: Totally gorge!

Raquelle: Did you say, "gorge"?

Vicki: Of course! It's the perfect word to describe both grace and beauty!

Raquelle: Uhhh - I like this place! *holding Vicki and Clarrisa to the sides of her arms*

--Raquelle and the girls are in the alternative-world mall, looking through a mirror--

-Clarrisa shoves Blarbie out of the way to get a better look at Raquelle, so does Vicki-

--They are at the cafe and Blarbie has to pay the Background Clone at the cash-register--

--Blarbie is struggling with shopping bags, and knocks into Clarrisa with an 'oh-oh' and falls--

Vicki: You should totes open up your own botique!

Raquelle: I should?

Clarrisa: Mmm, your fashion sense is gorge!

Raquelle: It is?

--The girls prepare the boutique, and Blarbie is again struggling--

--Raquelle makes a headless mannequin look like her--

Raquelle: I'm in heaven!

Blarbie: *a little gloomy-toned* So gorge.

Raquelle: Am I, like, the only one thinking that the gorge thing is, like, getting a little old?

Blarbie: *sadly* Welcome to House of Raquelle.

Raquelle: It's house of Rrrraquelle! Rrroll those R's! --Blarbie is pounding her hand against her head, thinking she's stupid--

Clarrisa: So, what do you think?

Raquelle: I think we need to replace our greeter! But other than that, it's everything I ever wanted! --Everything I ever wanted grabbing Clarrisa by the shoulders--

Raquelle (on couch): So why aren't I satisfied? What's the fun in life if I can't, like, compete with Barbie, trade insults with Nikki, and scheme and plot the way I was, like, born to do!

Raquelle: AHHH! I made a mistake! Uhhh-uhhh!

Vicki: Wait!

Clarrisa: Come back!

Blarbie: Aww!

Raquelle: Yay! I wanna live! I wanna - *bumps into Barbie*

Barbie: There you are! We've been, like, looking all over Malibu for you!

Raquelle: Barbie! (hugging her) I'm so glad to see you!

Nikki: Um - Did you switch personalities with someone?

Teresa: I hope it wasn't with me!

--Raquelle hugs Nikki and Teresa--

Teresa: Ooh!

Barbie: We discovered a brand-new cafe, and couldn't think of going without you! It's totally gorge!

--Raquelle notices Barbie says gorge, but looks behind, and shrugs anyway-- --She looks back behind and the episode ends there--

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