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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: OK, Chelsea, give us a rinse.

Chelsea: Whee. Wouldn't it be fun to do this for the pets? Bathe them, and fluff them, and get them all pretty?

Barbie: Do you think there'd be much of a market for pet primping?

--The first dog barks, a second dog barks the third dog barks, and all of the dogs bark rushing to Raquelle--

Raquelle: Ah. Get this vicious beast off me.

Chelsea: Looks like there's plenty of pups to primp right here. What do you say, Barbie?

--Taffy's tail slaps Raquelle in the face--

Barbie: Let's get used to the smell of wet dog and open a pet parlor.

--All the dogs came in. Chelsea gave Taffy a makeover and Chelsea gave the dogs makeovers . . . except a dolphin--

Barbie: Ready for a blow out, Raquelle?

Raquelle: Looks like it's occupied.

--Tawny is eating a paper and Barbie shoos her. Barbie welcomed a first background clone and looked at an elephant--

Raquelle (on couch): Barbie Junior Junior Junior is making a fortune with this pet wash business. Imagine what I, Rrrrraquelle, could do.

--The elephant attempts to blow Raquelle away--

Chelsea: I'm thinking of offering hair extensions, you know, for short-haired doggies who wanna mix it up.

Barbie: You're already got a ginormous line-up, Chelsea. Maybe you could use a little help?

Raquelle: At your service, Pet Princess.

Chelsea: You wanna work here? Why?

Raquelle: How else am I supposed to steal- I mean learn how you take such great care of the pets?

Chelsea: Well, I was going to conduct some market research and get a snack.

Raquelle: You go grab some milk and cookies. I won't let you down.

Chelsea: You're sure you got this?

Raquelle: Yeah, sure. Easy peasy.

--Raquelle finds out those pets are making a mess. Raquelle brushes a giant Taffy as a giant Taffy licks her. Brunhilde barked at Raquelle as she got her mouth sucked up as she begins to get it off. Raquelle quickly opens the bath door. Barbie pops a bubble as it's Blissa--

Raquelle: This cannot get any worse.

--A Bear roars at Raquelle--

Barbie: Raquelle, is everything-

--Raquelle jumped into Barbie--

Barbie: Here, let me help.

Barbie: Ah. There. Pet Parlor perf once again. Oh, here comes the boss now.

Chelsea: Ooh, the place looks awesome.

Raquelle: Yup, like I said, "easy peasy".

Chelsea: You're super good at this, Raquelle. Hey. Why don't we take these pet parlors nationwide? I run Malibu, you head up New York. What do you say?

--Raquelle is riding on Tawny while screaming--

Chelsea: Huh, I thought she wanted to learn all my secrets?

Barbie: Hmm, guess this one will have to stay between you and the pets.

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