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Catty On The Catwalk
Season 3, Episode 2
Episode 25 Overall
Upload Date February 13, 2013
Synopsis Raquelle begs Barbie to mentor her in the ways of super model stardom.
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Catty On The Catwalk is the second episode of the third season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Raquelle asks for runway model tips from Barbie so that she can steal Barbie's techniques and impress Ken at the Malibu Fashion Show.


Raquelle brings some cookies for Barbie and accidentally one of the cookie fall from its place and Raquelle took that piece in the top and rings the doorbell. When, Barbie opens the door Raquelle insists Barbie that she should eat these cookies as its her favorite. Barbie tries to tell that the cookie are not her favorite, but Raquelle not gave her chance to speak and asks Barbie to help her in improving herself because she wants to be just like Barbie. Barbie agrees her help as she likes Raquelle

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Raquelle, are you okay?
I am now. Why don't we ditch this low-rent production, and—?

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