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(Opening Theme)
Outside the Barbie Dreamhouse
Raquelle rings the doorbell while holding the cookies. One of the cookies falls on the ground, and Raquelle places it back on the plate. Barbie then opens the door.

Raquelle: Barbie! Brought you some cookies! Your faves! Peanut butter fudge.
Barbie: Thanks Raquelle! But actually my fave are chocol-
Raquelle: Anything for you Barbie! But since you asked I do need a teensy little favor, could you teach me to be just like you?

On the confessional couch

Raquelle (on couch): My plan is simple: One, steal Barbie's secrets. Two, win the Malibu Fashion Show. Three, Ken dumps her and we sail away on a yacht. Easy-peasy!

On a runway outside the Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie: First, the Runway Strut! (a spotlight turns on) It's all about confidence! (the spotlight turns off) Remember, project fabulous! (the spotlight turns on again)

Raquelle is writing down everything Barbie is saying

On the confessional couch

Barbie: I just love being a mentor! And helping someone improve! And Raquelle's got so much room for improvement! Wait, that came out wrong. (giggles with embarrasment)

On a runway outside the Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie: Next up! The Style Switcheroo!

--Barbie went to the back stage and changed her outfit for just a second--

Barbie: A model needs to master the quick change.

--Raquelle went to the back stage too and changed her outfit for just a second but the clothes she was wearing were not stylish--

Raquelle: Huh?

Barbie: Now for the Cute Hair Flip.

--A spotlight came out when Barbie flipped her hair--

Barbie: It's all in the neck angle.

Raquelle: Barbie, I am in awe. Teach me more.

--Barbie looked ate the camera as if questioning--

Barbie: Flaunting The Fierce, you know using your face to sell the look! Okay, watch!

--Then it flashes three pictures of Barbie one was a smiley face the next was a flirty face and the last one was a surprised face as if someone taking a picture--

Raquelle: Got it! I'm really following all of this, and it's because you're such a great teacher Barbie, yes you are! --dapping Barbie's touch--

Barbie: Uh, thanks?

--She looked at the camera thinking Raquelle's gone too far--

Barbie (on couch): Okay, maybe Raquelle is laying it on a bit thick, but it's great having someone to train! And I Have say, she listens so much better than Taffy. Taffy! Stripes never go with Plad!

Barbie: Last, the end of the runway twirl, you plant your heel spin and smile.

--Raquelle carrying a measuring tape and measured Barbie's heel's distance from the platform's edge--

Raquelle: Heel, precisely 14 inches from the footlights, check!

--Raquelle lets go of the measuring tape--

Raquelle: Ow!

--Raquelle dropped the measuring tape and landed on her foot--

Raquelle: Ow!

Barbie: So that's it! Everything you need to know about how to be a Fab! Fashion icon! Any questio-

Raquelle: Nope! Thanks!

Raquelle (on couch): Or should I say, thanks for helping me help myself, to Ken!

--Raquelle bringing a pair of binoculors looking for Ken--

Raquelle: Poor unsuspecting hunk! You're about to get Rrrraquelle'ed right between the eyes

--Raquelle laughs evily. Raquelle was actually very near to Ken--

Ken: Oh! Hey Raquelle!

--Nikki and Teresa was walking on the runway and next is Raquelle--

Raquelle: Project fabulous!

--her shoes came off her feet--

Raquelle: AAH!!! I'll save it with the cute hair-flip!!

--She shook her hair and her hair was all over her face--

Raquelle: Ugh!! Plant, spin, smile.

--She spinned to much and got dizzy--

Raquelle: Oh! Splant, shim, pile. AAH!

--Then Raquelle fell from the runway and landed on Ken's lap--

Ken: Raquelle? Are you okay?

--Then Raquelle put her arms around Ken--

Raquelle: I am now. How about we ditch this low word production and...

--Raquelle and Ken saw Barbie walking on the runway and Barbie pulled a ribbon on her dress and it changed into a different kind of dress and the audience stood up and were clapping and cheering for Barbie--

Raquelle: She was holding out on me! I would've killed with that move!

--Ken stood up and dropping Raquelle  to the floor--

Ken: Love you Barbie!

--Raquelle fell to the floor and the popcorn box was on her head and she pick one up from the floor and she blew the popcorn and she ate it--

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