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Chelsea's Lemonadory
Type Drink store
Merchandise Custom citrus flavored beverages
Employees Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea (former)


Located At The Mall
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Chelsea's Lemonadory is a shop in The Mall. While it has no official name, it was created by Chelsea after Raquelle supposedly crushed Chelsea's plain lemonade stand in front of the Barbie Dreamhouse.

It was run by Chelsea, Skipper, and Stacie before it was sold to Raquelle at the end of the episode. Supposedly the establishment went bankrupt after Chelsea lured all of the customers away, back to her small lemonade stand.


The shop serves variety of custom lemon flavored beverages, although it doesn't sell plain lemonade or actual lemons. The menu includes:

  • Iced Lemon Latte with extra foam, almond shavings and a hint of lemon peel, marshmallow bubbles, and a tiny umbrella all in a chilled glass. (Last one given to Kern.)
  • Lemon-berry dream cake with a tri-whipped topping and a giant spoon. (Last one given to Ben.)
  • Lemon ginger gelato (Last one given away to a background clone)
  • Lemon poppy seed muffin (Last one given away to a background clone)
  • Lemon Meringue Pie (Last one given away to a background clone)

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