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Closet Princess
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode 1 Overall
Upload Date May 11, 2012
Synopsis Barbie has the perfect accessory in mind for her date with Ken.
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Closet Princess is the first episode of the first season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie sets out to find a barrette that she thinks would look perfect for her date with Ken, hidden somewhere in her enormous closet.


Barbie and her friends, Teresa and Nikki are at Barbie's place. Barbie tell Nikki and Teresa that today is Barbie and Ken's 43rd anniversary from when they have dance together and she have to just look perfect. Nikki and Teresa tell that she is just looking fabulous but, Barbie wants her butterfly clip that has been lost in her closet. So, Barbie ask her friends if they help her to find that clip. On the other hand, Ken comes to take Barbie. Teresa and Nikki gets ready to help her. Barbie take them to The Barbie Closet and Teresa and Nikki shocked when they saw the closet. It was full of clothes, sandals, heels, shoes, and accessories. The two ask Barbie to borrow some clothes from her closet. Barbie gave them poly bags to carry and whatever they like to take it. Teresa and Nikki takes all the like and Teresa reveals that she is just as size of Barbie. Then, Barbie show them the Make up room where they can decide the makeover. Teresa and Nikki make up the big Barbie portrait and ends with their dirty clothes. After, many miles of walking Teresa and Nikki asks Barbie when this closet will end. Barbie answered that it is more than they walk until now. They asks her did she find that clip, so Barbie just thinks to check in her pocket and she finds her clip resulting in aggressive mode of Teresa and Nikki. Barbie shows her necklace and say that she finds her favorite necklace but angry Teresa and Nikki lost their control and pull a handle to which Barbie tries to stop but she can't and thus Teresa and Nikki fall towards secret outdoor. Where, Barbie comes out and waiting Ken welcomes her with some flowers whereas in the end, Teresa and Nikki are shown eating chocolates.

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  • Despite being shown without a necklace in the rest of the episode, Barbie is shown explaining on the couch wearing the necklace that she wears throughout season one.
  • Teresa reveals that she and Barbie wear the same size clothing.
  • Barbie has her butterfly barrette this whole time it is unknown if she really keeps it a secret.

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