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(Opening Theme)
In The Barbie Bedroom

Barbie: What do you think, girls? Chic? Or so last week?
Teresa: Both. (Nikki looks perplexed) What? Last week was, like, a really good week for me.
Barbie: I wanna put together the perfect outfit for my date with Ken. It's our forty-third anniversary.

Nikki and Teresa stare at each other, confused

In The Barbie Dreamhouse Confessional

Barbie: Forty-third anniversary of the first time we held hands. Can't find a greeting card for that. So I made one.

Barbie opens her homemade card and it plays music

In The Barbie Bedroom

Barbie: Oh! I know what this look needs! My little rhinestone-studded butterfly barrette. It's right here in my closet.

(Barbie opens the closet doors, revealing aisles upon aisles of clothes, accessories, and makeup while Nikki and Teresa look awestruck)

Nikki: Whoa. That's not a closet. That's a planet called "Fashion"!
Barbie: (giggles as they start to walk into Barbie's Closet) Oh, it's just a few odds and ends.

Outside the Dreamhouse
Ken checks his breath as he waits outside for Barbie with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, looking alert

In The Barbie Closet

Barbie: I've got the clothes from every career I've ever had.

(Nikki and Teresa stop beside an astronaut outfit)

Nikki: You went to the moon?
Barbie: You haven't?

Nikki is browsing through Barbie's skirts

Nikki: That skirt rocks! Can I borrow it?
Barbie: Of course!

Teresa is going through Barbie's belts

Teresa: Ooh! A belt to go with my new jeans. And every pair of pants I've ever owned!
Barbie: Knock yourselves out.

Barbie offers them shopping bags and they start collecting things to borrow

Teresa: Yes!

In Casa de Teresa Confessional

Teresa: Is Barbie not the coolest person ever? She's fun, generous... and exactly my size.

Nikki and Teresa drag heavy bags of borrowed clothes

Barbie: Ooh! The makeup room!
Teresa: Whoa, okay. Barbie. I mean this in, like, the best possible way, but you've got a really big head.

The Mondo Barbie Head, a large styling head of Barbie, is revealed

Barbie: Actually, Teresa, it's a great way for me to test new hair and makeup looks.
Nikki: Ooh! Sounds like a kick! Let's try it.

Nikki picks a lipstick and Teresa picks up mascara

Outside the Dreamhouse
It is now night time and Ken is still waiting, trying not to fall asleep

In The Barbie Closet
Nikki has just applied lipstick to Mondo Barbie Head

Nikki: Mondo Barbie Head is lookin' good!

Teresa laughs and they look down at makeup stained on them

Teresa: Can't say the same about us!

Time cut to Nikki and Teresa tired from dragging their bags as Barbie leads them down an aisle

Nikki: Ugggh! Barbie, how much farther?
Teresa: Yeah, we're exhausted.

Teresa stretches, making her plastic pop, and Barbie looks through some binoculars

Barbie: About a day or two's walk tops.

A hawk cries in the distance

Teresa: We're famished. And starving.
Barbie: I may have a mint in my pocket... Oh, here's my barrette! Isn't that funny?
Teresa: You had it the whole time?
Nikki: We came all this way for nothing?!
Barbie: I wouldn't say for nothing. I found this cute necklace that'll really put my outfit over the top!

Barbie pulls out a sparkly, light pink necklace

Nikki: That's it! I want out of here!
Teresa: Yeah! I cancelled a yoga lesson for this. Or was it a yogurt lesson?

Nikki and Teresa run in the opposite direction, but stop when they see a lever

Nikki: What's this?
Teresa: Who cares? Pull it!

Nikki grips the lever

Barbie: No! Don't touch—

Nikki pulls the lever and she and Teresa scream as they fall through a trapdoor

Outside of the Dreamhouse
The trapdoor leads to Nikki and Teresa landing outside of the Dreamhouse. Nikki falls on top of Teresa

Nikki: Whew!

A shoe falls on Nikki's head

Teresa: Ken?

Ken has dropped the chocolates but is holding the now-wilting bouquet, and he is very tired

Ken: Barbie ready for our date yet?

Barbie exits the Dreamhouse through the front door

Barbie: I sure am!

Ken smiles when Barbie comes out and hands her the bouquet

Ken: Happy anniversary Barbie!
Barbie: Ooh, Ken. I love the stubble!

She strokes Ken's cheek as they walk away, and Nikki and Teresa gobble the box of chocolates
(Closing Theme)

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