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(Opening Theme)
Barbie, Nikki and Teresa are in Barbie's closet and Barbie tells Nikki and Teresa a story and was looking at her mirror

Barbie: And when I got back, I realized I already had the same skirt... (presses the button of the mirror and the mirror went down to the floor) In the same color!
Nikki & Teresa: Ha, ha, ha, ha!

(They are about to go out of Barbie's closet when they hear a voice.)

Closet: Barbie, what do you think you're wearing?
Teresa: AAAAH! Haunted closet!

(Teresa jumps into Nikki and then Nikki and Teresa fall to the floor.)

Barbie: Relax, guys. Ken upgraded the closet software. Closet here has cataloged every piece of wardrobe and accessory that I own.
Closet: My superior central processing unit is able to determine the mathematically perfect unsubtle.
Nikki: Pretty full of himself, isn't he?

(Closet examines Barbie's clothes)

Closet: Those Killer Kapriz are 0.5 centimeters above your midcap. I cannot let you wear them.
Barbie: Oh! Don't be silly. I love these pants! There my picnic pants. I'm wearing them.
Closet: You've left me with no choice.

(Then Closet sets an alarm and locks the doors, and sets a metal door on the other side, and sets a door with metal bars in front of the main door of Barbie's closet, and closes a metal gate in front of the door with metal bars in Trapped in the Dreamhouse and Teresa hugs Nikki)

Barbie: What in the world?!

(While Ken was preparing Barbie and Ken's picnic in the park and he was carrying a really big basket and when he brought it down, he pulls out a chair from the basket while in the closet, Barbie was texting and Nikki and Teresa still hugged each other)

Nikki: Calling 911?
Barbie: I'm texting Ken to saying I'm gonna be late for our date. I hope his homemade sherbet doesn't melt.

(Ken prepares a chandelier, a fire place and a table for two)

Ken: Oh, no! The sherbet's melting! (his phone rings) Oh, no! Barbie's trapped! (his phone rings again) Bring the sherbet.

(Nikki and Teresa was struggling to open the metal doors.)

Nikki: No food! No water!
Teresa: No gossip magazines. This is torture!
Closet: That is correct. Barbie's chatty friend.
Barbie: Except for the fully staffed Macrobiotic free range café slash smoothie bar Ken also installed.

(Barbie walks to the corner of her closet and pushes the wall near the corner and when she pushes it. A café appears.)

Teresa: Sweet!
Nikki: Mmm. I could go for a cappuccino.
Closet: Coming right up.

(Then the table flips and some food and cappuccino appears)

Barbie: I wonder where Ken is.

(At the front yard Ryan was sitting on the doorstep of Barbie tuning his guitar and Ken runs over to Ryan.)

Ken: What are you doing here?
Ryan: You know, just waiting for Barbie.
Ken: (still eating sherbet) She's trapped inside her closet.
Ryan: What?!
Ken (on couch): (holding his sherbet) How could giving the closet artificial intelligence, absolute control over the dreamhouse, and a sorely personality backfire? (takes a spoon full of sherbet) Right?

(Barbie was about to eat some food when Closet took the food Barbie was holding)

Closet: I cannot let you eat that, Barbie. It's a day old. Try these. I baked them fresh this morning.
Nikki: Oh, yeah!
Closet (on couch): Well, I'm not heartless. These girls may have deplorable fashion sense, but I'm not going to let them starve. (A ding is heard) Oh. My scones are ready.
Barbie: Come on, Closet. Can't we come to some sort of understanding?
Closet: You're going to lose those Kapriz?
Barbie: No way!
Closet: No scones for you. (takes the food away)
Teresa: I was gonna eat that!

(Some hours later)

Teresa: So bored.
Barbie: Ooh! How about a soak?

(Barbie presses the remote-control and pointed it at the wall and the wall became a hot tub)

Nikki & Teresa: EEEEE!

(Ken and Ryan are in the vent trying to find Barbie)

Ryan: Mmm, I can't wait to see the look on Barbie's face when I rescue her.
Ken: When you rescue her? I'm the one who's rescuing her!
Ryan: No, I am!
Ken: No, I am!
Ken & Ryan: I am!

(They fight in the vent until the ceiling breaks. They fall in Barbie's closet. Ken's sherbet lands on Ryan's head)

Barbie (from distant): And get this, when I got back, I realized I already had the same shoe, in the same color!
Nikki, Teresa & Closet: Hahahahaha! (When Barbie was talking, Ryan pushes Ken and they both race to Barbie)
Ken: Barbie! Are you okay?

(And there was spa music)

Ryan: Wow! Glad I brought my trunks. (rips off his clothes)
Barbie: Closet and I are besties now. Right, Closet?
Closet: Best friends forever.

(Ken scratches his head. Ryan goes into the tub. Barbie touches Ken's hand and was going on their picnic. Ryan sits down on the edge of the tub and smiles at Barbie.)

Closet: Barbie, where do you think you're going?
Barbie: We're going on our picnic.
Closet: In that swimsuit? In autumn? I don't think so.

(Closet sets an alarm. Ryan slips down and fells to the tub. Ken gives Barbie the sherbet and the spoon and goes to the mirror because behind the mirror is the functions of Closet in Trapped in the Dreamhouse and he switches the evil lever to the good lever.)

Ken: Oh! Here's the problem. It was set to evil.
Nikki, Teresa & Ryan: Oh, yeah!
Barbie: Oh. Thank goodness.
Closet: (making a sound while shaking his head) I'm so sorry about that, Barbie. I don't know what came over me.
Teresa: You know, that guy wasn't so bad!
All: (talking to each other)
Closet: Aaw. I really wanted to try some of that sherbet.

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