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Corey Liamzane
    Species Human-Sized Doll( possibly)
    Gender Male
    Occupation pop singer
    Color unknown
    Eyes yellowish-brown
    Hair Platinum Blonde
    Relatives Corey Liamzane‘s mom
    Home who cares where he lives
    Voice Actor unknown
    B Friends Info
    Likes fans fantasising over him
    Dislikes some stealing his spotlight
    Stats unknown
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    Corey Liamzane is ad character in the show Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. He is a local pop singer in Malibu.


    Corey Liamzane has light skin, platinum blond hair styled to stick backwards, and yellowish-brown eyes. He wears a plain red cap, a black leather jacket with a large silver zipper similar to Ryan’s jacket in Season 1 which he keeps unzipped over a plan light gray, almost white shirt, pale blue jeans, and gray tennis shoes.


    Despite his celebrity status, Corey is a bossy, arrogant, vain, and superficial boy who thinks highly of himself and believes that he deserves everything and takes pride in her rich lifestyle. He believes that everyone adores him, the reason why he acts like this is because his mother might have constantly spoiled him by giving him anything he wants. He tries to impress his fangirls by flirting with them, showing of his monkey and making his bodyguards or butlers put up a background to take away their love for Barbie so that he could have his spotlight back. He doesn’t hesitate to throw a tantrum in public or to make his bodyguards or butlers give him do his bidding, and constantly treats them as servants making them get him anything he wants.

    Corey Liamzane might be a parody of Justin Bieber.

    Family Tree

                              Corey Liamzane‘s mom──┬──Unknown
                              Corey Liamzane