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Doctor Barbie
Season 5, Episode 1
Episode 41 Overall
Upload Date October 2, 2013
Synopsis Chelsea faces her fear of the doctor with the help of Dr. Barbie.
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Doctor Barbie is the first episode of the fifth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Chelsea comes down with a mystery illness and it is up to Barbie to diagnose the problem.


Chelsea comes down with plastic pox, so Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie help her cure it with a shot of pinkicillin. After getting cured, Chelsea's three sisters end up getting it, so Chelsea gets the pinkicillin to give them as the three run away

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  • The premise of this episode was revealed in early 2013 by producer David Wiebe via a YouTube comment. *Plastic Pox is based on chickenpox. It has the same symptoms, and a wet cloth (which Barbie suggested to Chelsea) is effective at compressing itchy areas of the chickenpox rash. *The strain of "Pinkacillin" (based on penicillin) that Barbie asks for to cure Chelsea is a reference to the Pantone number of "Barbie Pink" - Pantone 219 C. *An anatomy chart on the walls of Barbie's examination room features a vintage looking Barbie doll. *"Doctor" is one of the jobs seen in "Barbie Technical Institute." In the examination room, there is a diploma from "Barbie Technical Institute" on the wall. *When flipping through the channels on the TV, a clip from the show's opening sequence can be seen.

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