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(Opening Theme)

--Barbie is in the kitchen, talking on the phone--

Barbie: Of course ambassador! I'll do anything I can to help forge lasting peace between your two countries.

--Barbie is listening to what the ambassador is saying and flipping through cakes when Chelsea falls onto the table--

Barbie: I'm sorry ambassador, I have to go. I'm sure both of you will work out this little spat! --Ends the call-- What's wrong, Chelsea?

Chelsea: I don't feel so good. My plastic feels warm, my tummy hurts, and I have got these spots on my face!

Barbie: Oh! --Walks to the sink-- Did you try using a wet cloth?

Chelsea: Uh-huh.

--Barbie gives the cloth to Chelsea and she wipes it all over her face. The spots go away for a few seconds, but come back.--

Barbie: Hmm, I'm afraid you have to see a doctor. --Clears throat-- I said, "I'm afraid you have to see a doctor"!

--Skipper comes running--

Skipper: Weren't you... a doctor?

Barbie: Right! 

--Barbie changes into a doctor outfit--

Skipper: --Sees the cake-- Ooo! Cake.

--Chelsea is sitting in the living room couch, when Stacie comes over--

Stacie: So sorry for the delay, the doctor will see you now.

Chelsea: Finally!

Stacie: Right after you finish filling out these forms --She throws a bunch of papers on Chelsea's lap-- these, these and... these! --Stacie continues to throw papers on Chelsea's lap--

Chelsea: Done!

Stacie: Great! What are your- 

--Skipper pushes Stacie away--

Skipper: What are your symptoms?

Chelsea: I feel hot, and dizzy, and woozy, and I've got these spots... oh, and now my wrist hurts.

Stacie: --Glares at Skipper-- What do you think you're doing?

Skipper: I wanna help!

Stacie: --On Couch-- Helping is my thing! Skipper never wants to do anything!

Skipper: --On Couch-- The Wi-Fi is down. So I have nothing better to do than bust Stacie's chops. It's my thing.

--Skipper and Stacie are pulling Chelsea in two different directions--

Barbie: Let's see if we can figure out what's wrong with you.

--Stacie and Chelsea crash out into the hallway--

Barbie: Hop up on the table, Chelsea!

Chelsea: Table?

Stacie: I got it!

--Stacie pushes a button and a table appears from the wall. Stacie sticks her tongue out at Skipper, and Skipper glares at Stacie.--

Barbie: The first thing we should do is check your vitals. Hmm... I don't hear a thing. Perfect! What's next? Uh, nurses?

Stacie: Reflexes? --Skipper pulls out a giant hammer-- YIKES!

Barbie: Right!

--Barbie takes the hammer--

Chelsea: Ahh!

--Chelsea covers her eyes. The hammer hits her knee gently, and then Chelsea's leg whacks her face--

Chelsea: Oof!

Barbie: Perfect reflexes! Now we'll get to the bottom of what's wrong with you.

--Barbie pulls down a TV and starts switching through the channels--

Barbie: Nope. Seen it. Aha! --Barbie pulls away the TV-- Chelsea, I'd say you are suffering from plastic pox.

Chelsea: Is there a cure?

Barbie: Of course! I'll need 219 CCs of pinkacillin, stat!

--Stacie grabs a large needle--

Chelsea: AHHHHH!!!!

Barbie: Heh, Stacie! Heheh, that's my horse doctor needle! --A horse whinny can be heard--

--Skipper grabs an even bigger needle--

Stacie: AHHHHH!!!

Barbie: Skipper! That's my elephant doctor needle! --An elephant trumpet can be heard--

--Barbie opens the drawer and grabs a normal-sized needle--

Barbie: Much better!

Chelsea: Barbie, I'm scared!

Stacie: It's all right, Chelsea.

Skipper: It only hurts for a second.

--Barbie injects the needle into Chelsea--

Chelsea: Ouch!

--The plastic pox disappears--

Chelsea: Hey! I feel better already! Thanks, Barbie!

--Barbie gasps--

Barbie: What in the world?!

Skipper: Oh no.

Stacie: It can't be!

Barbie: We've got plastic pox!

Chelsea: I'll go get the pinkacillin. It only hurts for a second.

--Barbie, Skipper and Stacie gasp and then run away while screaming--

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