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Doll Vs. Dessert
Season 6, Episode 8
Episode 53 Overall
Upload Date June 11, 2014
Synopsis Barbie and Teresa face off with Raquelle and Ryan to bake the best cupcake!
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Doll Vs. Dessert is the eighth episode of season six. In this episode, Barbie and Teresa compete against Ryan and Raquelle in the game show Doll Vs. Dessert.


Barbie and Teresa compete against Ryan and Raquelle on the TV show Doll Vs. Dessert, hosted by Chef John, to bake the best cupcake. While Teresa gets to work on a batch of cupcakes, Ryan begins baking too, but on a soufflé. When Ryan brings the souffle out of the oven, it ends up flying into the air and landing right on Raquelle. Barbie then is ready to show Teresa's batch of cupcakes, but it turns out Teresa ate them all, leaving them disqualified. Raquelle and Ryan then win as Teresa gives Barbie one cupcake she didn't eat. Raquelle is overjoyed that she beat Barbie and millions of people saw it, but Chef John then reveals that they're on opposite Life in the Dreamhouse and that nobody watches this show.

Locations Featured

  • The set of "Doll Vs. Dessert"






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  • Teresa is revealed to be able to make cupcakes in her sleep.

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