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Dream a Little Dreamhouse
Season 6, Episode 5
Episode Overall
Upload Date April 17, 2014
Synopsis Barbie and the sisters chip in to help Chelsea build her very own Dreamhouse!
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Dream a Little Dreamhouse is the fifth episode of Season Six. In this episode, Chelsea wants her own playhouse Dreamhouse for herself and her friends. Barbie, happy to help, builds it along with Skipper, Stacie and Ken.


Barbie is shown after the Opening Theme, getting toast from her toaster, when the plate she gets it on as soon as the toast tops up can't be on any table because the Kitchen Island is gone. Stacie wants to watch TV, but can't because the television set is gone! She asks herself how is she supposed to watch cartoons. Skipper complains to Barbie that she needs to take a shower, Barbie tells her "Don't tell me we're out of shampoo! I just bought a fifty-gallon drum yesterday!" but Skipper tells her that it's not the shampoo, that it's the shower. But then Barbie asks "But we still have the shampoo, right?". Stacie then comes in, saying that the TV is missing, and so is the couch. She then comes to only one conclusion: they've been robbed! Ken comes in, saying that his Barbie sense is tingling, and judging by the type of un-intensity of the tingle, either Barbie needs a coaster for her beverage, which Ken gives to Barbie while saying it, or, to which Ken then slips, and says: "The Dreamhouse has been robbed!" The four then find Chelsea walking by side the doors from one room into the living room with all of Barbie's stuff, and Barbie stops and asks her what she's doing with her bedroom suite. Chelsea tells her she's just borrowing it, and then Barbie gets the idea to help Chelsea build it! (Despite Chelsea about to tell her: "But I've already-") After hours of hard work, Barbie and the gang are finally done! Ken says: "So, do we know how to build a playhouse or what?". Skipper then says: "Yeah. We totally crushed it.". Barbie then tells them they've done a great job, and then declares sherbet for everyone. One of Chelsea's friends asks "That's their idea of a playhouse?" and the other one comments that it looks more like a doghouse. Then Taffy on the confessional couch says she wouldn't sleep in that playhouse, and that she has standards in dog-language-to-English translation. Chelsea just touches it and it falls over, so Chelsea gets her friends to come with her, and they go to the real Dreamhouse of a playhouse that she's made up for herself and them.

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I just bought a fifty gallon drum yesterday!
No, we're out of shower! It's gone!



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  • In Chelsea's Dreamhouse, the letters are "C"s instead of "B"s.
  • The chandelier has a bow in Chelsea's Dreamhouse.

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