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Dreamhouse Living Room
Official Description This space is the entertainment and entertaining hub of the Dreamhouse. The cutting-edge tech center provides lightning-fast web surfing and video chatting, every gaming console known and unknown, and a vast digital movie collection for those cozy nights on the couch. But when guests arrive, the room can be transformed into a birthday bash or a glitzy formal affair with just a push of a button.
Type Living Room
Located At The Barbie Dreamhouse
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The Dreamhouse Living Room is featured in a number of episodes, most notably Pet Peeve. It features a circular couch, flatscreen television and grand piano, and is open to the second story with a balcony overlooking the floor below. There are a number of hidden buttons in the room that can decorate it with party supplies, reveal Barbie's frozen yogurt machine collection or provide food on demand from the coffee table.





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