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Endless Summer
Season 4, Episode 1
Episode 32 Overall
Upload Date June 26, 2013
Synopsis The sisters struggle to keep up with Barbie’s overly energetic BFF Summer.
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Endless Summer is the first episode of the fourth season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Barbie's friend Summer visits, however her competitive nature begins to annoy Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea.


Barbie is very excited that her friend Summer is coming to visit for a couple of days, she tells her sisters that they will love her. At the beggining, they seemed to like her, but later she was a bit competitive. She beat Stacie in tennis and surprise dodgeball, ate all of their food and she is always in their bathroom. Barbie tells her that she is a bit competitive, so she challenges Barbie to a pose off, but Barbie wins. At the end of the episode, Summer is heading out with her luggage and tells Barbie that she bought a house in the neighborhood.

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  • At the end of the episode, Summer is seen using a Hover Board from the movie Back to the Future Part II to leave the Dreamhouse. This is probably a reference to the fact that Mattel, the makers of Barbie, were also said to be the producers of the fictional toy in the movie.
  • When Summer first arrives, she tells Barbie that she looks "gorge" and Barbie doesn't seem to mind her choice of words, but later in the episode Bizzaro Barbie, when Raquelle describes her own outfit as "gorge", Barbie, Nikki, and Teresa all tell Raquelle that "gorge" isn't a real term.
  • After Summer arrives in Barbie's dreamhouse, she asks Skipper to play "Call Of Fashion 3" after a meal. It is a reference to [Call Of Duty 2].

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