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Stacie: Are we on?

Chelsea: It's working, it's working!

--Stacie elbows Chelsea--

Chelsea: Ow, Stacie!

Stacie: Welcome to Barbie's blog!

Chelsea: Where we answer all your email questions to Barbie.

Stacie: Let's see what this one says. "Dear Barbie, there's a super-cute boy on my Math class but he totally ignores me. What should I do?"

Chelsea: Yuck! Be glad! Boys are disgusting, and they smell bad. My turn! "Dear Barbie, what do you do when your BFF starts copying everything you wear?"

Stacie: Wear your underwear on the outside and see if she copies that! If she does, hey, she's a really cool friend.

Chelsea: We have time for one more.

Stacie: "Dear Barbie, help! My dream guy just asked me to the prom, but I don't know how to dance."

Chelsea: Dancing's easy! All you've got to do is shake it!

--Stacie and Chelsea begin dancing to music, bump into each other, and fall over--

--Barbie enters the room--

Barbie: What in the world?

Stacie: That wraps up Barbie's blog!

Chelsea: See you next time!

Barbie: No, they won't!

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