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(Opening Theme)

In front of the Barbie Dreamhouse

--Ken is polishing Barbie's car before Nikki, Teresa, and Raquelle arrive--

Teresa: Hey Ken!

--The polisher that Ken is holding on to slips off the car and hits Blissa--

Teresa: We're gonna hit the mall to shop for Barbie's birthday! Wanna come?

Ken: I've been preparing for a year already. Luckily, I found the perfect gift.

--Ken pulls out a box and slowly opens it--

Ken: It's a rare . . . -the girls move closer to Ken to see the gift- exclusive . . . -they move closer- limited edition . . . -they move even closer- charm bracelet!

Raquelle: Nhe! That's good enough for Barbie.

Nikki: Ken, Barbie's a girl who has everything! You can't just give her a charm bracelet!

--Ken looks at the charm bracelet disappointingly and closes the lid of the box--

Ken: Pile in, ladies! We're going to the mall!

--Nikki and Teresa open the car doors and as Nikki is about to sit in the passenger seat, Raquelle sits in the passenger seat instead--

Raquelle: So how old is Barbie, anyway?

Nikki (on couch): Good question! I know she was a doctor and you gotta go to school for at least eleven years for that which would make her - huh! No way!

At the Mall

--Nikki, Teresa and Ken rush to the mall and the girls grab Ryan as they pass him so that he can hold all the gifts as the trio shops frantically--

Teresa (on couch): How old is Barbie? Well she ran for president and you gotta be at least 35 so that means she's, wait, let me see, plus 4, carry the 2...

--Ryan is holding a lot of gifts, Nikki and Teresa add more gifts, Ryan falls on the ground with a pile of gifts on top of him, and Raquelle adds one small gift--

In front of the Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie: Huh! A yogurt maker! Thanks Teresa!

Teresa: Wait! I know that look! Don't tell me you already have one?

--Barbie presses a button on a remote and the book shelf flips to reveal shelves filled with yogurt makers except for one spot--

Barbie: . . And now I've got a life time supply!

Barbie: A breakfast in bed tray table!

Nikki: Ah, no, no, no, no. no! It's not just breakfast! This one serves up goodies 24/7!

Barbie: Wow Nikki! That's really thoughtful!

Nikki: But? . . .

Raquelle: Even I know she's already got one of those!

--Raquelle presses a button on the coffee table that causes the table of gifts to flip and reveal a table of food--

Nikki: Barbie, you're officially impossible to buy for!

Ryan: All it takes is a little imagination! Can't say you've already got one of these babies?

Barbie: No, not just one,

--Barbie opens a closet full of Ryan's gift--

Barbie: You give me one every birthday!

Ryan: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 . . . 

--Barbie closes the closet--

Ryan: That's a closet full of handsome!

Raquelle: Well I spared no expense with my gift!

Barbie: A mirror?

Nikki: Isn't that the free mirror you get when you buy the 600 dollar makeup set?

Raquelle: Told you I spared no expense!

Barbie: Thanks Raquelle!

Ken: Now I know you don't have one of these.

--Ken picks up a lot of high heels--

Ken: You know how shoes always get sucked up when you vacuum? -drops shoes on the floor- Well, problem solved!

--Ken turns on a shoe vacuum, which causes Blissa to jump onto the ceiling and the shoe vacuum vacuums all of the shoes, but with a press of a button, 2 shelves carrying the shoes eject from both sides of the shoe vacuum--

Barbie: Ken, we have central shoe vacuuming, remember?

--Ken turns off the shoe vacuum--

Ken: It's true Barbie! You already have everything!

Nikki: Hey Ken! -walks over to Ken- (whispers something)

Ken: Really? I thought you said she wouldn't like it.

--Ken takes a small gift box over to Barbie and commences to opening it--

Ken: Here Barbie, I know it's not much, but . . .

Barbie: Huh! A charm bracelet! I love it! And I've always wanted one!

--Barbie kisses Ken on the cheek--

Barbie: You're the best, most thoughtful boyfriend a girl could ask for!

Ken: Thanks Barbie! But you know, there's one thing everybody's been wondering about all day.

--Blissa's claws are almost unstuck from the ceiling--

Barbie: What's that?

Ken: How old are you anyway?

Barbie: Well today I'm officially...

--Blissa falls on the vacuum cleaner and it turns on and they can't hear how old is Barbie--

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