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(Opening Theme)
Barbie, Tawny and Blissa are in the kitchen. Tawny is going through the fridge and Barbie is holding Blissa

Barbie: Good morning Tawny! How are you girl?

Tawny shuts the fridge angrily, neighs and walks off, causing Barbie to drop Blissa

Barbie: What in the world?

Barbie (On couch): Normally Tawny's so polite! I haven't seen her like this since I bought her last season's horse shoes. (pauses, looks beside the camera) What? They were on sale!

Ken is beside the dolphin aquarium hooking it up to the vacuum. Barbie walks in with Blissa

Barbie: Oh Ken, Tawny just gave me the cold shoulder! She can't be mad at me, right?
Ken: Maybe she just wants to spend time with you! I know if I don't get my daily dose of Barbie, I am prone to wild and unpredictable mood swings!

Ken accidentally presses a button on the vacuum and turns it on, sucking up the dolphins

Barbie: Ken, you're a genius!

Opens to Tawny looking at a book of photos of her and Barbie and crying while sad music is playing

Barbie: Tawny! I've cleared my entire schedule today. How about you and I spend some quality time together!

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