Going to the Dogs
Season 6, Episode 4
Episode 49 Overall
Upload Date April 2, 2014
Synopsis Barbie and her friends go head to head at the Malibu Surf and Sport Dog show.
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Going to the Dogs is the fourth episode of season six.


Barbie, Ken, and Raquelle enter their pets in a dog show: Taffy, Hudson, and Brunhilde. Oh, and Teresa enters her sock monkey, Bananas. They compete in three competitions: flying disc catch, surfing, and sandcastle building. Taffy does great, Hudson always gets distracted, Brunhilde only will not listen to Raquelle and attack Blissa, and Bananas, well, didn't do much. In the end Hudson is third, Taffy is second, and Bananas wins the big dog show. Horray!

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The Beach


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AvatarThumbBarbie AvatarThumbKen AvatarThumbRaquelle AvatarThumbRyanGrey AvatarThumbTeresa AvatarThumbNikkiGrey AvatarThumbMidgeGrey AvatarThumbSummerGrey AvatarThumbSkipperGrey AvatarThumbStacieGrey AvatarThumbChelseaGrey AvatarThumbTawnyGrey AvatarThumbTaffy AvatarThumbBlissa [[File:AvatarThumbHudson.png|42px|link=Grace [[File:AvatarThumbBrunhilde.png|42px|link=BackgroundClones
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