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(Opening Theme)

--Skipper just finished brushing her hair--

Skipper: Now, to rock me some glitter.

--Then she grabbed the spray of glitter, but when she pressed the top of the sprayer, no glitter came out--

Skipper: Wha?

Barbie: Mmm. A dash of glitter, and I'm ready for the red carpet.

--No glitter came out from Barbie's perfume too--

Stacie: My skateboard's gonna look sick!

--No glitter came out of her sprayer too and Stacie shakes it and still nothing--

Stacie: No. No!

--They all went to the garage where they keep all their glitter in a glitter dispenser, when they pulled the lever, no glitter came out--


Barbie: There must some mistake. We can't be out of glitter.

Ken Brockman (T.V.): Oh, it's no mistake. Malibu is out of glitter! We go now to a prominent member of the Glitterati for a comment.

Barbie (T.V.): I urge all my fans to remain calm during this crisis.

Skipper and Stacie: Huh?

Barbie: I'm sure we'll all be glittered and glamorous again soon.

Skipper: Wow! Barbie. Even a glitter shortage doesn't rattle you.

Barbie: Well, it's always best to be optimu-- (whining) Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a total rack! I need glitter!

Ken: I came as soon as I heard. And I brought the Barbie bummed out kit: Tissues, consolation cupcakes, and a manly shoulder to cry on.

--Barbie was crying on Ken's shoulder, Skipper picked one tissue, and Stacie ate some cupcakes--

Ken (on couch): This is, like, the hair gel shortage a few years ago. It was tragic! (crying)

Ken: Not to worry. I'm on it!

--Barbie, Skipper and Stacie waiting for glitter--

Ken: I did it! I created artificial glitter in the lab!

Barbie: Oh, Ken! Our worries are over!

Ken: I call it "Flitter".

--Then Stacie took the Flitter from Ken--

Stacie: Oooh! Let me try it! Am I sparkly or what? (struggling to get unstuck from the flitter) My hands are stuck.

Ken: Mmm. I might've added to much ultra glue.

--Stacie struggling to get her hands unstuck from her head, and her hip while Ken was talking--

Skipper: You're flitter's a flop.

Ken: Don't worry. I'll get you girls glitter. When Ken's on the case, he gets it done right.

--His gloves are stuck to his waist and his hands got from the gloves but the gloves are still stuck to his waist--

Ken: This is it, Taffy. (taffy sniffs the glitter from Ken's hand) The last precious bit of real glitter. Now, sniff out some more. (Taffy licked all the glitter in Ken's hand) Taffy!

Taffy (on couch): It had some nice fruity notes, with a hint of beef and a full sparkly finish.

Stacie: Who needs glitter when you've got... rhinestones.

--Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie try on the rhinestones but they are really sharp so they can hurt their plastic--

Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie: Ow! Ow-ow-ow! Ow!

Barbie: It's no use. There's no substitute for glitter.

Chelsea: Would Dolly's dress look pretty with glitter? (Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie look at Chelsea) Or should I glue on some stars?

Barbie: Chelsea? You have, glitter?

Ken Brockman: The crisis has reached epic proportions, with glitter riots breaking out all over the country. (some girls jumped into Ken Brockman because he's holding glitter and the T.V. loses signal) 

Barbie: So, where did you get the glitter, Chelsea?

--Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie come closer to Chelsea--

Chelsea: You guys look weird! Are you okay?

Stacie: Chelsea! Give us the precious! (speaking like a zombie)

--Then Chelsea ran away to her room--

Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie: (takes deep breath) GLITTER!!!!!!!!

Ken (narrator): Next time on Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse:

Stacie: (laughs evilly) It's mine! All mine!

--The sisters chase who ever got the glitter--

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