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In the Dreamhouse Living Room, Blissa and Taffy are sleeping on the couch when Barbie walks by.

Barbie: Hmm, there was something I had to do today.

Blissa yowls in surprise and Taffy falls off the couch while Tawny kicks the wall and a picture frame falls. Blissa cuts that day off the calendar, Taffy grabs Barbie's planner and tosses it in the shredder and she presses the button on the floor that makes the shredder disappear by flipping it, Tawny eats Barbie's to-do list. When they are all done, they sit down in the kitchen reading magazines. Barbie walks in.

Barbie: It was totes on the tip of my tongue!

Barbie's phone vibrated because of her appointments.

Barbie: Huh! That'll have all my appointment on it for sure!

Blissa, Tawny, and Taffy are shocked that they forgot about the phone.

Barbie: I knew it! Today is bath day!

Blissa, Tawny, and Taffy are still shocked as Barbie takes a whiff of them.

Barbie: Whoo! Not a moment too soon.

The pets almost immediately run out of the kitchen.

In The Barbie Dreamhouse Confessional

Taffy: Barbie exaggerates. We do not smell that bad.

Blissa and Tawny sniff Taffy and they faint. Taffy takes a whiff of herself and she faints, too.

In Chelsea's Bedroom

Barbie: (as she puts on some gloves) So, the herbal shampoo and styling gel are on the first floor salon, the exfoliating soap is-.

Stacie interrupts Barbie using a bullhorn and a projector came out of nowhere and filmed a map of the dreamhouse.

Stacie: I'll take it from here, sis! Barbie, you tackle Tawny. Chelsea, wrangle Blissa. Skipper, you're on Taffy duty.
Skipper: Ugh!
Stacie: I'm heading up strategical logistics from the operation's control center.
Skipper: Which means?

In The Barbie Dreamhouse Confessional

Stacie: It means I'm way overdue for a little soap and water myself (laughs) so, why risk getting near the suds?

Stacie smells herself and she faints

In In the Dreamhouse Living Room, Skipper is sniffing for Taffy, who is hiding behind Barbie and Ken's portrait.

Skipper: Gotcha, Taff!

Taffy comes out of her hiding place and makes a run for it.

Skipper: Ugh! (coughs) You're contaminating the air quality in here, Taff!

Taffy jumps over the stool then Skipper follows and she landed on it while it was rolling to the piano and Taffy went over the piano then the stool jumped over to Skipper

Skipper: I really should gone to the mall when I had the chance.

Tawny, with her head under a lampshade, is hiding in Barbie's Bedroom.

Barbie: (entering her bedroom) I can't find my Tawny anywhere!

Tawny slowly scoots away

Barbie: Oh, Tawny! Bath time's just like an awesome day at the spa!

Tawny makes a run for it as Barbie catches the lampshade.

In The Barbie Dreamhouse Confessional

Tawny: Please! What spa uses a bucket and hose?

In Chelsea's Bedroom, Blissa is hiding amongst her stuffed animals. Chelsea enters her bedroom.

Chelsea: I know you're in here somewhere, Blissa. Hah! And I know just how to find you!

Chelsea takes out a giant fish. Blissa tries to resist but couldn't so she ate it and scurried away at the same time.

Soon after, the sisters are chasing after their pets all around the dreamhouse, which leads Tawny driving a golf cart to get away. They stopped at a dead end which is the balcony and they chose to go through the balcony but Barbie prepared a bath tub at the bottom and they landed right on it, much to their annoyance.

Barbie: Rub-a-dub-dub! Three pets in a tub!

Stacie points at them and laughs but she slips and falls into the tub. Chelsea almost catches her but only grabs her shoe as the pets laughed at her.

Barbie, Skipper, and Chelsea are now resting at the Dreamhouse Living Room.

Barbie: (sighs) Clean for another month.

Outside, the three pets began rolling in the mud, with Stacie joining them.
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