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In the Bedroom for Chelsea
Chelsea wakes up to an alarm and jumps on her bed

Chelsea: It's my birthday! It's finally here! My favoritest day all year! I'm so happy I could just—
Skipper: Happy birthday Chelsea! Breakfast is ready.

Chelsea hops off her bed

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Skipper: She's up... and she's on her way down.
Stacie: Places everyone! We're gonna make sure that Chelsea's sixth birthday is the best one yet.

In The Barbie Dreamhouse confessional

Barbie: Stacie really loves birthdays. She takes them very seriously. Maybe a little too seriously...

Stacie appears behind Barbie with a clipboard and pen an taps impatiently, prompting Barbie to leave the confessional

Stacie: I'm on food prep. Barbie, you're in charge of distracting Chelsea. Skipper, you're on decorating duty.
Skipper: Ugh! Can't Ken do it?
Barbie: Ken's in the garage, putting Chelsea's gift together. It's a bike!

In the Dreamhouse Garage

Ken (o.s.): All Chelsea ever talks about is getting a bike.

In The House of Ken confessional

Ken: She's gonna be so surprised, and it gives me a chance to show Barbie my technical expertise.

In the Dreamhouse Garage
Ken struggles to read the instructions

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen

Barbie: A special birthday breakfast for a special birthday girl!
Chelsea: This is all great and all, but what I really want for my birthday is to—

Stacie interrupts Chelsea by feeding her pancakes, and Chelsea murmurs

Stacie: You're welcome!
Barbie: Skipper, get moving with the decorating.
Skipper: Ugh!
Barbie: You don't hear Ken complaining, do you?

In the Dreamhouse Garage
Ken struggles to assemble the bike

In the Dreamhouse Kitchen
Stacie throws a carton of eggs and a box of cake mix into a bowl, puts it in the oven, and takes out a full baked and decorated birthday cake a second later

Stacie: Huh! Baking can be hard work.

In the Dreamhouse Living Room
Skipper walks in, carrying a box seemingly filled with decorations

Skipper: Why do I always have to have the hardest job?

Skipper presses a button hidden in nearby statue and it decorates the room for her

In the Bedroom for Chelsea
Barbie and Chelsea are jumping on the bed

Chelsea: Wanna know what I want for my birthday, Barbie?
Barbie: A unicorn?
Chelsea: Guess again!
Barbie: A pink unicorn?
Chelsea: No!
Barbie: A singing pink unicorn who can grant your every wish?
Chelsea: NOOOOO-

In the Dreamhouse Garage

Ken: -OOOOO!!!!!!
Skipper: Ken! What's wrong? Another daddy long-legs get in your hair?
Ken: Why? Do you see one on me? Kill it! Kill it!
Skipper: How's the bike coming?

The tennis-playing robot starts to power up

Ken: Almost done!

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Stacie: Barbie, you log in each gift, who it's from, and Chelsea's emotional response. Skipper, you're on wrapper recycling duty.
Skipper: Ugh, come on!

Chelsea leaps into a pile of presents

Chelsea: Woohoo!
Barbie: What's keeping Ken?

In the Dreamhouse Garage
Ken is having an intense battle with the tennis-playing robot

In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Chelsea: This has been the bestest day! The yummy cake, the decorations... the military precision scheduling...

Stacie winks and points at Chelsea

Chelsea: But...
Barbie: But?
Chelsea: I just wanted—
Barbie: A unicorn?
Chelsea: NO!

Ken comes in with the fully-assembled bike

Ken: A bike?
Chelsea: NO!! I just wanted-
Barbie: I got it! To sing the most special birthday song of all?
Chelsea: No! All I really wanted...

Everyone leans in, making their plastic squeak

Chelsea: ... was a tennis-playing robot!
Ken: Ugh...

Ken goes stiff and faints
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