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(Opening Theme)

--Barbie is curling her eye lashes but she messes up because she hears someone suddenly barge in the room. She very soon sees that it is Skipper.--

Skipper: So much for my job at Hot Diggity Dogs.

Barbie: Oh, no! Don't tell me...

Skipper: That I was fired? Okay, I won't.

Barbie: (sighs) Come work for me! Like, I could use the help and you could Skipperize my boutique!

Skipper: You had me Skipperize!

--Skipper accidentally cuts the lower half of cabinet with a laser-like tool--

Barbie (on couch): Skipper's gonna be great! Sure she's been fired a few dozen times but who hasn't well I haven't. But to be fair, who's gonna fire me?

--Skipper is at the Barbie Boutique working--

Barbie: You've been working so hard, how about I grab us a couple of smoothies? You know... to replenish our plasticity.

--Raquelle purposely drops some clothing and Skipper goes to pick them up--

Raquelle: Well if it isn't Barbie junior. How fabulous that you're working here!

Raquelle (on couch): I may not have had a ton of success sabotaging Barbie's boutique, okay, I've had no success, what evs, but with a pint-sized Barbie, easiest thing in the world! It's, like, taking candy from a-

--Raquelle takes out a lollipop and Chelsea rides by on a bike and takes it--

Skipper: Introducing the Glittermafier! Pop in glum, pop up Glam!

Raquelle: I'm already glitzy to the max. So, this is a waste of time.

--Then Raquelle steps in to the Glittermafier--

Skipper: Just set your glitzification levels...

--Raquelle pressing a lot of buttons in the Glittermafier--

Raquelle:(laughs evilly) Let's see how well this thing glitzes when I-

--Then a lot of glitter came out of the Glittermafier then Raquelle opens the door and glitter all over her

Customers: (whispering)

Skipper: Ah, well you look... shiny!

Raquelle: I look like a disco ball! A hot disco ball obvi! But still!

Raquelle: Let's see how Barbie's signature perfume sells when it smells like stinkafied skunk.

--Raquelle pours one drop of stinkafied skunk in one of Barbie's signature perfume then Raquelle dropped the perfume because there's a thing behind her--

Raquelle: (shrieks) Don't you point that thing at me!

Skipper: Relax! It's my painted Makeupazooka. Wanna test drive?

Raquelle: My makeup's already-

--Skipper some makeup to Raquelle using the Makeupazooka when the fog of makeup was gone, Raquelle's makeup was too much--

Customers: (whispering)

Skipper: Ha.

--Raquelle stole a bag from Barbie's boutique she's hiding in the changing room to change the brand of the bag form Barbie's to Raquelle's

Raquelle:(laughs evilly)

--Then Skipper found Raquelle in the changing room--

Skipper: There you are! You're gonna die for my latest high-tec wonder fun!

--Skipper dragged Raquelle to her new machine that can change you clothes and Raquelle is shivering--

Raquelle: (screams)

Skipper: This will upgrade let you try on more stuff, in less time!

--Then the machine went up and Raquelle was wearing so many clothes it made her a ball and she rolled off outside and almost hit Barbie and Raquelle crashed into something--

Barbie: Raquelle? What happened to you?

Raquelle: Your sister! That's what happened! Customers are freaking out in there. It's a disaster, sales has been lost, and worse, nails have been broken

Barbie: Mmm, maybe Skipper's not the right person after all.

--When Barbie opened the door she saw Skipper's machines working to the other customers--

Raquelle: But, the place was crazy before.

Barbie: Skipper, what have you been up to?

Skipper: Na, you know. Little tweek here, little tweek there.

Barbie: Skipper, that is amaze! Like, you're the best! Isn't she the best? (talking to Raquelle)

Skipper: I owe it all to Raquelle, she help me find tune to my upgrades.

--Then Raquelle smiled at Barbie--

Barbie: Thanks, Raquelle!

Raquelle: So, how'd you like to come work for me?

Skipper: Mmm...

Raquelle: (laughs evilly) Huh!

--Skipper pointed the Makeup Bazooka at Raquelle again--

Skipper: Can I bring my Makeup Bazooka? I just jumbo sized it.

Raquelle: Aah!

--Raquelle was able to dodge it but Ken was the one who was hit by the Makeup Bazooka--

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