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I Want My BTV
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode 12 Overall
Upload Date July 6, 2012
Synopsis Ryan directs his first ever music video.
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I Want My BTV is the twelfth episode of the first season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Ryan is directing his first music video in the grand foyer of the Dreamhouse, all the while attempting to impress Barbie.

The episode starts with Ryan singing, and Barbie riding on Tawny while dancing to the song. When the song was interrupted because Tawny farted, Teresa laughs and Ryan told her to cut the scene. Ken asked Ryan what he's supposed to do, Ryan tells Ken to sweep off the floor while he's sweeping Barbie off her feet.

Shooting music videos is usually a blast, but we don't exactly have an A-list director this time.

Unless, A stands for annoying.

The first scene starts with Ryan hanging up with a rope with his guitar with butterfly wings, but falls because Ken dropped it (I think). In the next scene, Ryan and Barbie are in a boat. Ken is under the boat wearing a shark hat. Ryan thought he was a real shark, so he ran off the set. In the next scene, Ryan and Barbie are in a car. Ryan is about to kiss barbie, but Tawny appears in Barbie's seat. In the next scene, Ryan, Barbie, Raquelle, and Nikki are singing the song together. Raquelle begins to sing her own verse, and she walks up to the camera, and puts her face in it. Ryan says "cut" as Raquelle fiercely says "what". In the next/last scene, Ryan is singing with Barbie next to him. He tries to kiss Barbie, but Ken stops him by pushing him away from Barbie while sweeping. Ken lies and tells him that there was dirt on the floor. Raquelle comes up and tells them requests for her dressing room. Nikki angrily says that she had to change in her car. As the crew argues, Barbie stops them, and tells them that they were going to make the music video the right way. Raquelle asks how Barbie does the thing with her spotlight, Teresa responded with "She's Barbie". When the music video was finished, they were happy about what they made. Barbie asks them where Raquelle is, and Nikki tells her that she's hanging on the chandelier and she won't come down until she gets more screen time. When the camera cuts to Raquelle, she tells Barbie that she's ready for her close-up. The chandelier falls, and the camera zooms into Raquelle, who falls over, and the episode ends.

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