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For part 2, see Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 2.
Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 1
Season 6, Episode 13
Episode 58 Overall
Upload Date October 15th, 2014
Synopsis Midge is homesick for Wisconsin's wintery weather so Ken builds a snowerator to bring the white stuff to Malibu. Now, if only they could find the "off" switch.
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Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 1 is the thirteenth episode of season six. Midge misses snow from Willows, so they decide to make their own snow.


Barbie and her four BFFs are on the Beach, and Barbie is commenting on how great the weather is. Midge claims that she is still in a swimsuit even though it's December, so Barbie quick changes into a light-pink one-piece swimsuit with white straps and white snowflakes on it. Midge tells her no, and lists the items of clothing needed for the December month. When she mentions galoshes, Summer comments on how she loves Malibu weather. Midge claims that she misses snow, which causes Nikki to ask what snow is, and Barbie starts to explain. Then, Ken comes over to the beach, bringing two picnic baskets for Barbie, not knowing which one Barbie wants. Midge then says: "Yeah, Barbie, there's nothing like playing in the snow!" Before Barbie can say that in Malibu, it could never snow, Ken says that he will invent something to make snow a reality in Malibu. He makes a small box that is called the "Snow-a-rator", and it makes snow. The dolls are waiting for it to snow, not seeing any results, but then Barbie gets knocking at her door, and opens the door. Raquelle is out there freezing in the snow after saying there is something "wrong with the sky". When it starts snowing, everyone is cold due to the snow, so the girls put on warmer clothes, and play in the snow. However, Ken and Barbie soon realize that the snow-a-rator is making it too cold, and freezing up everyone's plastic.

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