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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: Aw, perfect weather, fab bikinis, all my BFFs! Yes! Another great day at the beach.

Midge: I can't believe it's December, and I'm still in a bikini! --pushes large bottle and foam comes out--

Barbie: Oh, December? Time to rook my winter look! --runs and quick changes from a pink and white-spotted one-pieced swimsuit to one with snowflakes on it--

Midge: --snorts-- No. Real winter-clothes! Mittens, earmuffs, galoshes! Nothing like a goo galosh!

Summer: Galosh? Gimme Malibu weather any day, and ALL THE FUN BEACH SPORTS!

Midge: *sigh*, I miss snow.

Nikki: Snow? What's that about?

Barbie: Snow is super fun! Ya play in it! Make forts, go sledding...

Ken: Barbie, I didn't if you wanted the formal picnic china, or the casual. So I brought both.

Midge: Yeah, Barbie, there's nothing like playing in the snow!

Barbie: Yeah, but at Malibu, there's no way it could ever... --Ken throws picnic baskets-- ..Snow?

Ken: I'm on it!

Ken (at Dreamhouse):You want winter? Here it is! The Snow-a-rator! Push this button and blamo! --The 'arator' blows up big--

Ken: Instant cold! --Teresa clapping--

Ken: Hmm..Might need to tweek the frost-o-macic reactor cord..

Raquelle: --knocking on door loud-- There's something wrong with the sky!

--She's freezing out there, Barbie opens it up, and they all rush out to play--

--They come back in super fast, being it is too cold--

Teresa: It's like, cold sand?

Summer: How do ya dress for this? A fur-line tankini?

Barbie: Time to restyle! --She brings them along while holding them--

--They appear fashionable and stylish in snow jackets and snow coats--

Skipper: Our snow-dude rocks! --Blissa pops up out of the snowman--

Ryan: Can't be more adorbs than this snow hunk! A life-sized hunk-iscle! Oooh-hoo-ooh, you're giving them chills!!!

Ken: Careful, Chelsea, might take you a while to get the hang of skating.. --As in "Primp My Ride", she's super-awesome for a beginner, as she learns fast and skates across the ice super well--

Chelsea: Yeah, I think I've got the hang of it. --Touches Ken covered in snow--

--Nikki, Teresa, and Tawny try sliding down the snowhill, but have a rough start--

--Taffy looks at them like she thinks they're all stupid--

--Midge throws a snowball at Summer--

--Summer notices and is the best at snowballs for a beginner, being good at all sports, naturally--

Raquelle: Ohhh, Ken! Check out the cutest snow-angel EVER!

--Ken already helps Barbie up for making the perfect snow angel--

--Raquelle growls, and stomps the snow ground, her body flipping under it--

--Taffy licks the snow, getting her tongue stuck, and Raquelle is in there, tapping on the ice--

Midge: Wow, Ken. You artificially altered Malibu's climmet to create a completely unnatural weather fannaminan! And I LOVE it!!!

Teresa: Yeah, and nothing ever goes wrong when ya mess with Mother Nature.

--Nikki is struggling with her skiing in the snow--

Barbie: Nikki, are ya okay?

Nikki: Ka-ka-kinda cold!

Summer: Ta-ta-take that! --snowball drops and next to Summer is Ryan silvering in his leather jacket, all sad-like--

Stacie: M-m-missed me!

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