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Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 2
Season 6, Episode 14
Episode 59 Overall
Upload Date October 29th, 2014
Synopsis With Malibu covered in ice, bikini sales are plummeting along with the temperature! Good thing Barbie knows just what to do to warm up this cool down!
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Ice Ice, Barbie, Pt. 2 is the fourteenth episode of season six.


The webisode begins with Barbie bringing Ken into the warmth of the Dreamhouse and warming him up by turning on the fireplace. Barbie claims that her plastic is warming up, and Ken says his is, too. Barbie realizes that everyone else is outside, and brings them in. Barbie then realizes they need to destroy the Snow-making machine, and does so by melting it in a "Hot-Tub Huge" cup of hot chocolate. Malibu is then warm once again.

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  • When Raquelle returns wearing more layers, she wears the same outfit as she did in Help Wanted.

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