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Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode 5 Overall
Upload Date May 25, 2012
Synopsis Ken has a new hair-product that delivers more volume than he ever expected.
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Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic is the fifth episode of the first season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Ken tries out a new hair product before going on a date with Barbie that is guaranteed to add maximum volume.


Ken and Barbie have a date, and Ken tries out a new hair product, but it kind of ruins his look. To fix it, Barbie, Chelsea, and Raquelle go into the salon. Many dos and bottles of hairspray later, Ken's hair is perfect, and he sure is ready for his date!

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  • The song that Barbie sings at the beginning of the episode, Get Your Sparkle On comes from the 2010 Barbie movie, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale.
  • Barbie's shower is powered by a large bellow that requires manual pumping, similar to how real life Barbie doll furniture operates.
  • Ken's method of shaving is similar to that of the real life Shaving Fun Ken doll.
  • The scene where Barbie, Raquelle and Chelsea decide to give Ken a makeover parodies the original Charlie's Angels opening titles.
  • One of the hairstyles that Ken gets is the brunette, molded plastic of the Ken dolls of the 1980's, which was also used for the Ken doll featured in Toy Story 3.

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