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Let's Make A Doll
Season 3, Episode 8
Episode 31 Overall
Upload Date March 27, 2013
Synopsis The friends all compete in a game show to decide who's the real BFF of Barbie.
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Let's Make A Doll is the eighth and last episode of the third season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Midge meets Nikki and Teresa, which results in the three of them and Raquelle taking part in a game show about who Barbie's BFF really is.


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So you're the Malibu me?
And you're the Willows me?
I sensed tension and came as fast as I could!
I sensed tension and came as fast as I could!

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  • The questions after the ice-cream answer goes into these questions:
    • What was Barbie's birth year? 1959
    • What was Barbie's middle name? Millicent
    • What are little boys made of? *answer below*
    • What was Barbie's Band? *answer below*
    • What were two movies of Barbie? Mermaid and Fairy Princess
    • Who is the love of Ken's life (assumed)? Barbie
    • Who are Barbie's parents? George and Martha Roberts
    • An unknown question with the answer of the Moon.
  • Teresa and Nikki finally meet Midge.
  • Many of the facts stated by Barbie's friends are real facts about Barbie:
    • Barbie got her first belly button in the year 2000, 13 years ago at the time the episode aired.
    • Barbie was in a band called Barbie and the Rockers.
    • George and Martha Roberts are Barbie's parents.
  • Midge saying "Sugar, spice, and polyvinyl chloride" is a reference to the children's nursey rhyme.
  • Stacie, Ryan, and Chelsea are absent in this episode.
  • The Game Show set for "I'm Barbie's BFF" is based closely on an actual Barbie game show playset that was released in the 1980s.
  • Nikki vs. Midge is a parody of Athena vs. Ares.

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