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(Opening Theme)
Teresa and Nikki went to Barbie's bringing their surfboards as they ring the doorbell and Midge opens the door.

Teresa: Hey! (confused) Which sister is this?
Midge: (snorts) Ha! Barbie's sister, I wish! I'm Midge!
Nikki: I'm Nikki. And this is Teresa.
Midge: So, you're the Malibu me?
Nikki: And you're the Willows me?
Teresa: Okay, w-w-wait. What does that make me? (stares at the camera) Seriously, who am I?
Nikki: Is Barbie ready? We're taking her to the beach.
Midge: Oh, that's peculiar. I'm taking her to the Malibu Macramé Museum.

Dramatic music plays. Nikki and Midge stare at each other angrily. The car pulls up as Raquelle runs in.

Raquelle: I sensed tension and came as fast as I could!
Nikki: Hmm.
Teresa: Maybe you and Barbie could go to the mac-and-cheese museum tomorrow.
Midge: It's "macramé"?
Raquelle: (pulls out her cell phone) FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
Skipper: (offscreen) Having trouble figuring out who's Barbie's BFF, huh? (appears on chair)
Nikki: It's me!
Teresa: It's me!
Midge: It's me!
Raquelle: (fans herself and looks to the camera) It's probably not me.
Skipper: I can help. (presses the button)

A full set comes down around Skipper.

Skipper: Whoooooo's ready to play "I'm Barbie's BFF"!

"I'm Barbie's BFF" is shown.

Skipper: I'll ask a series of questions and whoever has the most correct answers will be crowned Barbie's best friend forever.

Cut to Confessional Couch

Midge: I've got this in the proverbial bag. I've known Barbie since we were in matching cribs.
Nikki: I hang out at her crib every day!
Teresa: I text Barbie so much, she's got a separate phone just for me!
Raquelle: Here's the thing... (starts to sit on the couch)

Couch falls down due to weight of too many dolls

Skipper: Alright, next question. What was Barbie's 37th career?
Midge: (ping) Stewardess. Well, I guess the modern term is flight attendant. Golly! (snorts) We served I don't know how many types of sandwiches!
Raquelle: Aren't these supposed to be one word answers?
Skipper: (ping) Point for Midge.
Skipper: If Barbie was an ice cream flavor, what flavor would she be?

Nikki, Teresa and Midge press buttons

Teresa: Ooh, pink! (ping)
Raquelle: Uh, pink is not a flavor. (set buzzes for incorrect then she falls over)
Nikki: 1959! (ping)
Teresa: Barbie's middle name is Millicent! (ping)

Nikki and Teresa press buttons

Midge: Sugar, spice, and... Oh, polyvinylchloride! (ping)
Nikki: Barbie and The Rockers. (ping)
Teresa: Mermaid Fairy Princess! (ping)
Raquelle: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Me! (buzzes) Raquelle?! (buzzes) Schlond Poofa! (buzzes. She falls down)
Nikki: George and Martha Roberts.
Teresa: (wearing a space helmet) The Moon!

Nikki, Teresa and Midge all press buttons. Multiple ping.

Skipper: Okay, you're all tied up. More or less. So, there's one, final question that will determine who is Barbie's best friend. (Nikki, Teresa and Midge all huddle in) You could win or lose it all! Or, see what's behind Door Number 3.
Teresa: Door number three! Door number three!
Raquelle: Please. It's always some kind of reject prize.
Nikki: We're in it, to win it!
Skipper: Okay. Final question.
Barbie: What in the world? (comes down the stairs)
Raquelle: Barbie, they were fighting over who was a better friend, and I was all... "Eww! So shallow!" But they were like... "We need to pick a winner", so whateves.
Nikki, Teresa and Midge: What?
Skipper: They each think they're your BFF, Barbie.
Barbie: But, you're all my best friends!
Raquelle: I knew there wasn't a prize.
Skipper: Doesn't anyone want to hear the last question?
Barbie: Fire away!
Skipper: (clears throat) When did Barbie first get a belly button?
Teresa: What's a belly button? (Nikki shrugs)
Barbie: Hmmm. Even I don't remember.
Ken: (bursts through door #3) I know!
Raquelle: WHAT?! I could have won Ken?! (faints)
Ken: Thirteen years ago! Which you'd all know if you'd read Barbiepedia. (Barbiepedia is shown) Twelve volumes, extensive index, tons of…
Raquelle: Can I just... Uh... (opens Barbiepedia to reveal picture of a Schlond Poofa) I've gotta be mentioned in here somewhere! (Barbie and her friends leave, leaving Raquelle) Seriously? Not even a footnote! (clicks the pen to start rewriting)

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