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(Opening Theme)
In the Dreamhouse Living Room

Barbie: EEEEEEE! (grabs a really large envelope)
Skipper: (runs in the room) I heard the squeal! Is that it?

Barbie opens the envelope and holds the contents in the air

Barbie: Ha! My driver's license!
Skipper: How is it that you don't have your license? Aren't you a race car driver?

Barbie thinks about what Skipper said

On the confessional couch

Barbie: You know. I've had so many careers, it's hard to keep track of all 135 of them. And counting!

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Barbie's cellphone rings

Barbie: (answers phone) Hello?

The screen splits, revealing Nikki and Teresa on the other side of the screen

Nikki: We heard the squeal! Did you get it?

Barbie shows her license to them over the split

Nikki and Teresa: EEEEEEE!
Nikki: Can you drive Teresa and me? The forecast calls for sunny with a chance of a whole lot of cute guys!
Teresa: (giggles)

Barbie looks worried

On the confessional couch

Barbie: I have my license, but the truth is, I never learned how to drive!

In the Dreamhouse Foyer

Ken: (offscreen) I heard the squeal!
Barbie: I'll call you later! (Barbie hangs up and hides her license behind her)
Ken: So, where is it?

Barbie shows Ken her license

Barbie and Ken: EEEEEEE! (holding hands and jumping up and down)
Ken: You've been waiting a long time for this, (kneels down and opens a small box) So I wanted to give you something for this special occasion.
Barbie: It's gorgeous!

Barbie grabs what was in the box, which is a pair of keys

Outside The Barbie Dreamhouse
A car is seen, but is revealed to be simply a box, with the parts on the ground

Ken: Hah! Some assembly required.

Ken looks at the instructions while construction noises are heard in the background

Ken: Aha! Aha! Okay! Barbie, does this look like a Schlond Poofa to you?
Barbie: All done!

Ken turns around and drops the Schlond Poofa, looking at the assembled car agape

On the confessional couch

Ken: (voice cracking) Do I mind that Barbie showed me up by putting that car together? Nope! Doesn't bother me a bit! Besides, can she do this? (deep voice) 'Go Ken!

In the car. Barbie is in the driver's seat and Ken is in the passenger's seat

Ken: Now for a quick check of the mirrors and we're ready to go
Barbie: (alternating between moving forward and backwards quickly, causing her and Ken to be shoved back and forth) Is—this—how—you—do—it?

Barbie is shown driving in front of the sky, appearing to be moving rapidly

Barbie: I don't know what I was so worried about.

A bike bell is heard ringing as Chelsea bikes past them. The camera pans out to reveal a picture of the sky moving behind by two workers in the opposite direction. Barbie is revealed to be moving very slowly. Barbie then stops.

Barbie: (dejectedly) I'll never learn to drive.

Something is heard falling off-screen

Ken: That darn schlond poofa! Be right back babe. (unbuckles and gets out of the car)

Teresa and Nikki appear with their bathing suits and surfboards and get in the back of the car
Teresa and Nikki

Teresa: To the beach!
Barbie: Well, I'm still not very good at this whole driving thing.
Nikki: Twelve-footers are been spotted at Point Doom!
Teresa: And there's some really big waves too!

Nikki looks at the camera confused
Barbie presses down on the accelerator and drives off, leaving Ken behind holding the Schlond Poofa

Ken: Barbie! Wait up!

Ken runs after Barbie as Barbie speeds up

Barbie: (scared) I'm terrified! And (excitedly) I'm loving it!

Nikki and Teresa are terrified and hold each others' hands

Ken: (running behind the car) Barbie! Wait!

At The Beach
The car stalls and stops

Barbie: What in the world?

Barbie moves the stickshift, trying to get the car to move

Ken: Waaaait!

'(Ken falls into the backseat of the car)'

Ken: (muffled) You can go now.
Barbie: (confused) I can't.
Teresa: Oh! We're here.

Barbie follows Nikki and Teresa out of the car with their surfboards

Barbie: Thanks for the driving lesson Ken!
Nikki: Maybe he can teach me how to drive.
Teresa: (offscreen) Weren't you a race car driver?

Ken opens up the hood of the car

Ken: Ah! Here we go!

Ken takes a giant battery out of the hood, puts a new one in and closes the hood
Ken gets in the car and puts a pair of shades on

Ken: Warning: objects in the mirror may be handsomer than they appear.

Ken steps on the pedal, causing the car to accelerate and crash into something and fall apart.

Ken: (sadly) Schlond Poofa...

(Closing Theme)

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