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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: Where's the birthday girl?

Raquelle: Ooh! You look fab! --kisses hand blowing a kiss and throwing away mirror--

Barbie: Happy half-birthday, Raquelle!

Raquelle: When you're as fabulous as Rrrraquelle, one birthday per year just isn't enough. And now we dance.

--Presses remote. Disco ball spinning. Everyone's dancing--

Teresa: Bust a move, birthday babe!

--Raquelle knocks into the table, spilling lemon sauce and chocolate balls all over Teresa--

Teresa: --licks lips-- Mmm! Choco-lemon!

Barbie: I'm sure Raquelle has something you can wear.

Raquelle: Um, totes! OK, I've got a towel, a fashion magazine, and a shower curtain! You put your arms through the shower-ring. Ta-dah! Instant glam.

--While Raquelle was talking, she threw the things she said to Teresa--

Barbie: Or...

--Teresa wore what Raquelle said--

Barbie: Teresa can wear this that I found your Closet. 'Cause it's an actual dress.

--Teresa grabs dress and rushes to change--

Teresa: She's a fierce fashionista with style to spare! She's Terrrresa! I'm better than you.

Teresa: Hey, everybody! Get a load of me! (pointing to self)

Nikki (on coach): I just came here for cake. Teresa, wanted to come. So, why's she acting all snobby and obnoxious? She's...snob-noxious!

--Teresa sitting on lazy chair. She keeps staring at the mirror. Keeps on posing--

Barbie: Teresa, we're worried about you. You seem a bit…off.

Teresa: You couldn't be more wrong! I've never been better. Okay? Ooh! *throws mirrors* Presents?! Let's see what we got!

--Teresa invaded Raquelle's presents. Raquelle angry at her--

Teresa: -holds perfume- They still make these? Is this a dog toy?

Raquelle: Hey! Those are my half-birthday gifts!

--Teresa pulls Raquelle's necklace--

Teresa: Okay. This must've been on sale.

Raquelle (on coach): That, Teresa, is the most self-absored, stuck-up, snobnoxious little diva I've ever seen! I'm impressed.

--Raquelle tries to take picture, but Teresa gets in the way--

--Raquelle tries to talk another picture but Teresa gets in the way again--

--Finally, she decides to lean by the stand-thing, and Teresa gets in the way again--

Raquelle: --Making angry face and Teresa is flipping her hair, walking away-- UUUGH!!!!!

Barbie: Nikki, it's that little black dress. Teresa's been acting like a major diva ever since she put it on!

Nikki: Uh! Of course! She's been acting like - (with Barbie): Raquelle!

Barbie: If Teresa changes the dress, she'll change her attitude. Hey Teresa! Check out this mirror! It's got twenty-seven percent more reflective power!

Teresa: Ooh, lemme see, lemme see! --rushes up, and Barbie moves the box, while Teresa falls in the pool--

Teresa: The dress is RUINED!!! Ooh, my reflection! Hello! --waving on the 'hello' part-- Heh-heh.

Barbie: Luckily, I keep a breaking case of emergency dress in my purse! --pulls out dress--

Nikki: Why didn't you give this to Teresa, like, two temper tantrums ago?

Barbie: (whispering) It's from last season.

--Teresa steps out in the pink dress and she appears to be all better--

Raquelle: So, is there a mirror or not? --shakes box--

--Nikki grabs her and throws her into the pool--

Raquelle: AAH?!? --coming up from the water--

Teresa: --gasp-- Are we playing Bobbing for Cupcakes? Ooh! Me next! Me next! -Puts her head in to grab a cupcake-

Barbie: Back to normal.

--Teresa comes up with cupcake in mouth, and Nikki and Barbie giggle--

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