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This is a index of all of the locations featured in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.


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Note: The map above is inaccurate due to the lack of Summer and Midge's residences.[1]

Malibu is the main location featured in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Most episodes take place in and around Malibu. :D

Main Article Description Image
The Barbie Dreamhouse The name says it all. This lavish home of Barbie and her sisters has everything that a girl could need. Like magic, even Barbie is discovering new rooms she never knew were there before.
The Raquelle Mansion It’s all about taste. Some call this Malibu mansion gorgeous and others call it tacky. But everybody says the Dreamhouse overshadows it. So now Raquelle constantly updates the mansion with new cutting-edge style to keep up with Barbie and her fab pad.
The Ryan Mansion For Ryan this is rebel headquarters. There is no place in Malibu where you can find more mirrors and pictures of Ryan.
The House of Ken This cool beach pad is the home of Ken. The surf décor fits this true-blue guy and gives him a place to chill, think about Barbie and think about the things he can do and the crazy gadgets he can make for Barbie.
The House of Nikki The sassy and fun vibe of Nikki rocks this house. This is a place that is in the now!
Casa de Teresa This Spanish-inspired home matches the laid-back personality of Teresa to a T. Visitors become more Zen just walking in the door.
The Beach Malibu is world-renowned for its beaches. Whether catching sweet waves or just taking in the rays, Barbie and her friends make the sun and sand their home away from the Dreamhouse.
Campgrounds When the mood to rough it arises, Barbie and her friends jet into the hills in her glammed-out camper for some nature time. Hiking, swimming and campfire cozy ups are all on the list of fun activities in these woods.
The Mall This is the ultra shopping, dining and entertainment destination for Barbie and her friends. Whether they’re checking out hot boutiques or dining at trendy restaurants or watching the trained dancing dolphins show, this is where they live the fab life.

Other Locations

Some of the other locations featured, sometimes briefly, in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.

Name Description Image
TV Studio The TV Studio is a location featured in the Season Two episode The Reunion Show. It is a talk show-style studio where Randy Bravo interviews Barbie, Ken, Raquelle and Ryan for the 'upcoming' fictional season two of the in-universe reality show.
Paris At the end of the Season Two episode The Reunion Show it is announced that the rest of the season will be taken "on the road" to new locations, showing the characters in Paris. It is later revealed that they were just standing in front of a wooden backdrop.
Tiki Resort The Tiki Resort is the main location of the Season Two episode Sisters Ahoy. It is a tropical, tiki-style resort which may indicate a location such as Hawaii, although one of the Background Clones speaks with a Jamaican accent.
The Alps The Alps are shown briefly in a cutaway during the Season Two episode Closet Clothes Out. Barbie and Ken had visited the location, presumably on a vacation together, and built a "fashion-forward" snowman, Sassy the Snowman.
Space Space is a location featured twice in the show: in the Season Three episode Occupational Hazards and again in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1.
New York New York is featured briefly in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1. Summer is shown helping a woman pick out a top to wear with her new skirt.
Beijing Beijing is featured briefly in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1. Nikki is shown helping a rock star pick out accessories for her performance.
London London is featured briefly in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1. Teresa is shown with Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster in the background helping a young girl choose a pair of Wellington boots to play in the puddles.
The Arctic The Arctic is featured briefly in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1. Midge is shown in an igloo helping a woman try on a fur hat.
India India is featured briefly in the Season Six episode Style Super Squad - Part 1. Barbie is shown helping a woman pick out a Sari to wear to the Summer Festival.


  • Every single extra in Malibu has Raquelle-styled hair.

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  1. Summer stated in Endless Summer that she bought a house across the street, and it's assumed that Midge bought a house at the end of A Smidge of Midge.