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(Opening theme)

--Raquelle puts on lipstick--

Raquelle: What in the world of plastic is Summer doing here?

Summer: Oh. Raquelle.

Raquelle: Yeah.

Summer: Did Barbie...

Raquelle: Invite me? Her coolest, most fashionable friend? Uh-huh.

Summer: She invited me too. Her most coordinated friend, in sports and fashion!

--Raquelle and Summer make angry faces--

Barbie: Midge, It's super important we get there by 3PM, Sharp!

Midge: Agreed. Absolutely. No dilly-dallying.

--Midge shopping--

Barbie: Maybe after we meet up with Summer and Raquelle, we could- Midge?

--Midge buying accessories--

Midge: Hey, they're selling them by the pound! (snort laughs) can you believe it?

--Barbie pulls Midge by the arm to get going--

Summer: So, you wanna check out the sports mart? Or the racket shop, or Athletes Barn? Or Cleats 'R Us?

Raquelle: Whateves. I'll be looking at my phone. (dialing) Hello? You wanna have a fake conversation? Ya do? Me, too!

Mall Cop: You two, are in violation of Malibu Mall loitering code.

Raquelle: Well then, I guess we'll just be...moving along.

--She goes to walk with Summer, but Mall Cop keeps following them on his scooter, not leaving them alone, so they start to run while getting faster and faster--

--Barbie looks at phone--

Barbie: Midge, could we maybe, um, pick up the pace? Just a little?

Midge: Oh. Of course. Whooaaa... --She appears out with bunches of hats on her head--

Barbie (on couch): Oh! I hate the idea of Summer and Raquelle just standing around, doing nothing, and waiting for us.

--Summer & Raquelle runs. Officer found them. Summer stops. Raquelle bumps into Summer--

Mall Cop: You're violating Malibu Mall fashion code twenty-five. (Mall Cop shoots a ticket at Summer, but Summer moves out of the way causing it hit Raquelle instead) Failure to cover your face with oversized sunglasses.

Raquelle: We need to split up! Go!

--Raquelle pushes away Summer--

Raquelle: She went that way.

Mall Cop: Violation of Malibu Mall rule number ninety-nine, ratting out your friend.

--Shoots gun many times. Raquelle running away--

Raquelle: She's not my friend!

--Midge is wearing sunglasses and carrying many shopping bags--

Midge: What do you think? Keep you protected and comply with Malibu Mall code twenty-five. (gasp) Ooh! Flip flops!

--Midge hands sunglasses & shopping bags to Barbie--

--Raquelle hiding behind a tree. Wearing eyeglasses with fake mustache--

Raquelle: Phew, I think we lost him.

--Summer hiding above the tree--

Summer: I hope so. I jumped through a fountain to get away from that guy! Oh! You should've seen it.

--Officer found them--

Mall Cop: Code twenty-four!

Summer: Run!

Raquelle: Ahhh!!!

Mall Cop: Failure to yield to outrageous bargains!

Midge: I'm not gonna let anything else distract me, Barbie. I promise. Wowee! Is that a cotton candy pretzel kiosk?

--Officer behind Barbie--

Barbie: Midge!

--Raquelle and Summer pretending to be dummies. Officer founds out. Girls ran away. Midge putting sprinkles on pretzel. Girls shouting behind Barbie & Midge. Barbie grabs Midge. Barbie found Summer & Raquelle with flyers on their plastic--

Barbie: Phew, we made it. And it's 2.59.

Midge: Whoa. You guys look-

Mall Cop: Busted!

--Summer & Raquelle hide behind Barbie--

Barbie: Is there something I can help you with, officer?

Mall Cop: Violation of code twenty-one.

--shoots flyer at Barbie. Flyer flies gently to Barbie--

Barbie: What in the world?

Mall Cop: Excessive good looks.

--Flyer land on Barbie's hand--

Mall Cop: Sign that. Thank you very much, ma'am. Enjoy your day.

--Drives away--

Mall Cop: Sweet. I've always wanted her autograph.

Summer: So, what's next? Rock climbing, parkour, the supplement shop?

Raquelle: How about a little shopping?

Midge: Yeah!

--Midge hands shopping bags to Barbie. Summer, Midge & Raquelle went shopping. Barbie almost fell down--

Barbie: Oof, whoa! --she falls--

(Closing Theme)

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