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Mayor of Malibu
Season 6, Episode 6
Episode 51 Overall
Upload Date April 30, 2014
Synopsis Who will become mayor of Malibu when Chelsea and Raquelle both run for office?
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Mayor of Malibu is the sixth episode of season six. In this episode, Raquelle and Chelsea end up going head-to-head for the position of mayor's office.


Barbie, Nikki, and Teresa are walking through The Mall when Raquelle storms over. She is angry at the fact that her "stone selfie" (statue) is in violation of Malibu city's laws, and if that is she is the mayor of Malibu her statue will be everywhere. And she decides to run for mayor of Malibu so that her statues will be everywhere. Nikki tells Barbie that Raquelle cannot run for mayor, claiming it'll be a catastrophe. Chelsea then says she'll run for mayor. Chelsea then has a debate with Raquelle, and Chelsea is clearly the crowd favorite. Raquelle tries to make herself look better by pushing her podium up, but ends up crashing it through the roof. After the debate, it is revealed the mayor is Harold Snufflebottom, the winner of Malibu's reality show "Who wants to be mayor?". Raquelle's statue is then brought down on top of her by a group of Background Clones.

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  • The mayor of Malibu is Harold Snufflebottom.
  • Barbie is currently president.
  • Barbie is currently ambassador to what seems to be a race of aliens.
  • Malibu has been having good weather for fourteen years in a row.
  • The title of the show "Who Wants to Be Mayor?" is a parody of the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?".
  • A quote that Chelsea mentions from the debate is similar to John F Kennedy’s presidential acceptance speech.
  • Raquelle made a "stone selfie" of herself.
  • Clips of Chelsea are from episodes Primp My Ride, Gone Glitter Gone - Part 1, and Rhapsody in Buttercream.

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