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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: Can you believe all this sweet weather we're having?

Teresa I know, right? It's like, fourteen years in a row.

--Thunderstorm booms--

Nikki: Uh-oh - storm's a-coming.

Raquelle: Supposedly, I'm in violation of Malibu city code for my stone selfie.

Barbie: You mean statue? It was a hazard to low-flying planes.

Raquelle: I'm Rrrraquelle. If I was mayor, there'd be statues of me all over town. That's it! I'll just be mayor!

Teresa: Whoa! You can just say you'll be something? Then, I'm! A unicorn!

Nikki: Barbie, you cannot let Raquelle run for mayor! It'll be a catatrosphe! 

Barbie: Come on, Nikki, it won't be that bad.

Teresa in flash sequence: You maniac! You blew it up! *cries*

Teresa *Talking to Barbie*: Ooh! You should run! You'd be perfect!

Barbie: But I'm already president. And ambassoder. It'll be a conflict of interest.

Nikki: But somebody has to stop Raquelle!

Chelsea: *spins around in chair* I'll do it!

Blissa: *purrs*

Barbie: So syced for your commercial, Chels.

Male announcer: Chelsea Roberts. Can she? Can she, can she? Yes, she can! Vote Chelsea Roberts for mayor of Malibu! 

Everyone: *cheers*

Barbie: *hugs Chelsea*

Male announcer: *still talking*

Raquelle: *on TV as announcer*: Chelsea Roberts says she's right for Malibu.

Barbie: Oh boy!

Raquelle: Truth is, she doesn't share her toys. She ate the last cupcake! And she still uses training wheels! So vote for Raaaquelle!

Ryan: *holding cardboard cut-out of Barbie and speaking in high voice* I'm Barbie Roberts, and I approve this message!

Barbie: Hey!

Chelsea: Oh, it is on! *on couch* It is so on

Crowd: *applauding*

Raquelle: *chuckles*

Chelsea: *raises pole* Ask not what you can do for your city, but what your city can do for you!

Raquelle: *tries to heighten hers but it goes down, then up* I gotta ask. What can my city do for me?

Chelsea: *raises pole* I, Chelsea Roberts, promise a splash pad in every water park, all-day recess, and more summer!

Raquelle: If elected, I will give all of Malibu a makeover. *to self*: Some of you could really use one. 

Chelsea: *raises pole very higher* Malibu. Join me, as we march toward the future!

Raquelle: *desperately pressing button* I intend to *The pole raises high up and crashes through the ceiling, with Raquelle coming down*

Raquelle: *screams*

Reporter (on TV): The poles are closed, the votes are counted. 

Barbie: Ooh, I just know it's gonna be you, Chelsea. 

Reporter (on TV): And the new mayor of Malibu is...Harold Snofflebottom. 

Everyone: Who?!

Reporter: The winner of Malibu's newest reality show, "Who Wants to Be Mayor?".

Nikki: I did not see that coming. 

Barbie: Aw, I'm so sorry, Chels.

Chelsea: Ahn, I'm kinda relieved. I have a busy schedule. 

Barbie: Ahhh..I like that she'll just be playing and goofing off. Ya know, being a kid. 

Chelsea: *on couch* Oh, I'll be busy...running for governer! 

Raquelle: Whateves. I didn't even wanna win - I was just doing it for -

Background Clones: *pulling down the statue*

Raquelle: Wait! Maybe we can just move it aside?!

--Statue falls down on Raquelle--

Raquelle: (in pain) I'm okay.

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