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(Opening Theme)

Barbie: Ken, do you think the pets will be bored while we're out?

--Pets asleep--

Ken: Pfft! They only notice us when they hear the can opener.

--Barbie and Ken went out. Pets awake--

Blissa (on couch): We never get to go anywhere. Except for walkies.

--Taffy and Tawny excited--

Blissa (on couch): Seriously, who walks in this town?

--Blissa trying to drive the car. It didn't work out well. Taffy's taking the wheel, Blissa takes the pedals and brakes. They went on the road--

--At the theater, the pets saw Barbie and Ken going in to theater 1. Pets hide in theater 2 which it's movie is Paws--

Barbie: I've been dying to see this!

--Barbie and Ken finished watching movie--

Barbie: Oh, Ken. That movie was so romantic!

Ken: Nah. You know us guys don't really- oh, yes! That part? When he kissed her goodbye? Heartbreaking!

Barbie: I'm just glad we didn't see Paws. That looked super freaky!

--Pets finished watching theater 2. Taffy and Tawny were freaked out. Blissa was still the same--

Blissa (on couch): Nah. I've seen worse. I've done worse.

--Pets at te mall trying on some clothes. Pets saw Barbie and Ken--

Ken: Super cute Barbie! Hey! *sees outfit just the same as Ken's only female version* How 'bout this one? We could totally match!

--Pets pretending to be mannequins. Ken noticed them--

Ken: Pfft! Mannequins these days. So weird.

--Pets at lemonadery having snacks. Barbie and Ken shows up--

Barbie: The best lemonadery in Malibu! You sure know all my favorite hangs.

--Pets hid under the table. Tawny tries to sip from the straw, accidentally, the straw went in her nose and lemonade went through her nostrils. She went out of control--

--Barbie and Ken having a picnic at the beach. Ken gave a hotdog to Barbie, but Barbie ate all the food they brought having Ken not knowing how did it happen--

Barbie: What?

--Pets at the beach tanning themselves. Taffy putting sunblock on Blissa, but squirted too much of it--

Ken: Today's been awesome Barbie.

Barbie: It sure has! But let's get home to the pets.

--Pets shocked. Ken and Barbie driving off--

Barbie: They've been stuck in the house all day.

--Pets went to the car. driving fast to get home before Barbie and Ken. They ran into Barbie and Ken--

Ken: I think we've hit every hotspot on our-

--Ken saw them. Ken rubbed his eyes to be sure, but pets were gone--

Ken: Whoa! Sun must've been in my eyes.

--Pets went through the frontyard of the neighborhood, causing much destruction. Pets got home just before Barbie and Ken--

Ken: What a day! And the best part, was spending it with you!

Barbie: I hope my little gals weren't too miserable while I was gone. Did you miss me? I missed you-ooh!

Ken: Bet they just slept all day. Must be nice.

--Pets crashed the car on the ceiling. Pets fast asleep--

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