New Girl in Town
Season 6, Episode 16
Episode 61 Overall
Upload Date December 11th, 2014
Synopsis Barbie welcomes an all new friend to Malibu.
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New Girl in Town is the sixteenth episode of Season Six.


Barbie meets Grace at a restaurant when they both ordered the exact same dessert. After hanging out for a while, Raquelle sees them together and tries to break their friendship by texting all of Barbie's other BFFs and saying Barbie has a new BFF. However, when they confront Barbie about it, they see that Grace managed to fix a broken fountain. They then all embrace Grace as a new friend, with Barbie stating there is no such thing as too many BFFs.

Locations Featured

  • Outside Restaurant


Of course! A chocolate raspberry parfait! Four chopped walnuts. A pinch of cinnamon! And a biscotti stir-stick! - Maya Thanks, Maya! - Barbie May I please have a chocolate-raspberry parfait, four chopped walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon, and a biscotti stir stick? - Grace

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