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(Opening Theme)
At the Campgrounds
Ken is bringing in fire wood while Barbie is sitting on a log

Ken: Nothin' like the great outdoors to show-off one's man skills.

Barbie presses a button on the remote and camp fire is suddenly already prepared. Raquelle & Ryan arrive

Raquelle: Camping? You said we were going to a luxury wooded resort.
Ryan (on confessional couch): You know my sister, it was the only way I could get her to come.

Ryan opens the trunk of his car and it is packed with plenty of luggage belonging to Raquelle

Ken: All this for an overnight trip?
Ryan: (whispers) So glad we didn't have to bring the tanning bed.
Raquelle: You didn't bring my tanning bed?

Raquelle throws a bag at Ryan's head. Barbie comes out of the camper

Barbie: C'mon Raquelle, it's fun to rough it once in a while.
Raquelle: You didn't expect me to camp in something so... (steps into the camper and sees the Dreamhouse foyer in the camper) common? (looks outside of the camper and looks back inside of the camper)Huh! Not five-star, but doable.

They are all gathered up at the camp fire

Barbie: The best part about camping is dinner over an open fire. Now what should we whip up?
  Ken: Got it covered.

Ken rushes to the river, catches a fish, and comes back

Ken: (talks like a pirate) A fresh seafood feast for my lady.
Barbie: Ah, Ken! You were made for the outdoors.

The fish slaps Ken on the cheeks with his tail until Ken lets go of the fish

Ryan: Whatever! Can nature boy do this? (sings) Puppy you're like a meadowlark in the sky—
Barbie: Hike! We need a hike!
Ryan: There's six more verses.
Barbie: We're losing the light.
Ryan: Wait! Where's Raquelle?

They hear Raquelle's singing in the camper and head towards it

Inside the camper
Barbie knocks the door to the camper bathroom and walks in

Barbie: Oh! You found the tub! (pinches her nose) What is it you're soaking?
Raquelle: Ridiculously expensive french perfume.
Barbie: Dry off! We're going on a hike.

In the woods

Barbie: Ah! That's better!

A butterfly flies near the group

Raquelle: Killer bee!

Raquelle grabs hold of Ken

Barbie: Oh, Raquelle! (butterfly lands on her finger) It's just a butterfly. Isn't she pretty?

Barbie puts butterfly in her hair

Ken: Ooh! I'd love a picture of that! Ryan, would ya?
Ryan: Can't get you in. Step back a bit.

Ken steps back

Ryan: A little bit more.

Ken moves back even more causing him to fall, Ryan takes the picture, and only Ken's feet are seen in the picture

Ryan: That's a keeper.

Barbie picks up some flowers

Barbie: Aren't these gorgeous, Raquelle?
Raquelle: Eeee! Poison ivy!
Barbie: Raquelle, their daisies!
Raquelle: Eeee! Poison daisies!

On the confessional couch

Barbie: Guess you can take the girl out of Malibu but you can't take Malibu out of the girl. (whispers) Next time, I'll lead the girl in Malibu.

In the woods
A pinecone falls on Raquelle's head as she walks through the woods causing her to go into hysterics

Raquelle: Aaah! What is it? A vicious flying porcupine? (screams)
Barbie: It's a pine cone, Raquelle, a vicious pine cone.
Raquelle: Oh! I'm light-headed! Ken, carry me back to the camper.

Raquelle jumps into the arms of Ken, causing him to fall onto the ground along with her

Ken: Now this is Poison Ivy.
Raquelle: (screams)

At the Campgrounds

Raquelle: Anybody needs me, I'll be in the hot tub.

Raquelle opens the door to the camper

Raquelle: A bear! A bear is in the camper!

Everyone shakes their heads and looks inside, seeing Blissa

Blissa: (meows)
Barbie: Blissa, you adorable little stowaway! Raquelle, you need to just calm down and try to be one with nature.
Raquelle: No way! I have been traumatized enough! The only thing that'll calm me down is a soak in the hot tub.

Raquelle opens the bathroom door

Raquelle: A b-b-b-b-b... Oh never mind.

Raquelle goes inside the bathroom and goes walks towards the tub

Raquelle: Shove over! You won't believe the day I've had!
Bear: (roars confusedly)

Raquelle sits in the tub
(Closing Theme)

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