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At The Barbie Dreamhouse
Ryan admires his reflection in a hand mirror as he walks up to the front door

Ryan: You are one good looking dude— Oh!

Ryan bumps into the door and Barbie opens it

Barbie: Ryan, hi! Still not ready!
Ryan: Whoa, what's the rush Barbie? Take time to enjoy the Ryan.
Barbie: Sorry, a big fashion show this afternoon. Oh, the cat caterer is dropping off Blissa's food, and for Taffy there's mini burgers shaped like shoes. BRB!
Ryan: So I'm spending the day with a couple of four-legged furballs?

Ken enters

Ryan: And a two-legged goofball?!
Ken and Ryan: What are you doing here? Petsitting. No, I'm petsitting. Stop saying everything I say!
Barbie: Have a blast, guys! I think you'll find it's a two-man job.
Ken: When's the other man showing up?

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Ken pets Taffy

Ken: How's my girl?
Ryan: This could not get any less cool.

Blissa scratches Ryan's pants, making him yelp, and he tries to shake her off

Ryan: These pants are designer!

On the confessional couch

Blissa: Please. I've coughed up hairballs that have more style.

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Ryan hops around trying to get Blissa to let go

Ken: Let's take a look at that list. First, we exercise Taffy. Hmm, she could use a little muscle tone.

On the confessional couch

Taffy: Not everyone has a plastic six-pack, Ken!

In the Dreamhouse Foyer
Taffy is shown running on a treadmill

Ryan: Knock yourself out. I'm working a song for Barbie.

Ryan starts singing

Ryan: Oh, Barbie, so beau—

Taffy falls off the treadmill and shoves Ken, so he looses grip of Blissa and she lands on Ryan's face, making him step on a TV remote and inadvertedly switching it on

Television Announcer: ... And the sweeper passes to center, who passes back to sweeper.
Ken: Check out that footwork!
Ryan: Check out that—

The television loses its signal

Ken and Ryan: Aw, come on!

The television suddenly tunes in to a video stream Barbie has set up, scaring Ken and Ryan

Barbie: Hi boys! Just checking in to see how the pet-sitting's going.
Ken: It's going great!

Taffy breaks a vase and begins to lick it, Blissa swings around on a chandelier and falls off, and Tawny destroys a piano

Ken: Um, Ryan's going to play you a song.

Ken rushes off

Ryan: This one goes out to you, baby.

Ryan starts singing

Ryan: Your heart is—
Barbie: The song's fab-maze, but I've got to get back on the runway. Talk soon!

Barbie disconnects and Taffy urinates on Ryan's sheet music

Ryan: Taffy, if I wanted that reaction, I would have played it for my agent.

Blissa bites a scarf

Ken: Blissa, that's Barbie's favorite scarf!

Tawny places her hoof above Ryan's guitar

Ryan: Hey, whoa, whoa, that is not a toy.

Tawny smirks and smashes it

Ken: Forget the guitar, grab the scarf! I'll wrangle Tawny.

Blissa suddenly lands on Ryan's face again while Ken runs after Tawny

Ken: Get back here!

Ryan runs around with Blissa on his face

Ryan: Get off of me!

Barbie's video stream appears on the television again

Barbie: Hi guys! It's a wrap here, so I'll see you in five!
Ken: No!

Tawny kicks a hole in the wall

Ken: I mean, yay! See you soon Barbie!

Barbie disconnects and the Dreamhouse Foyer is shown in ruins

Ken: We gotta clean, clean, clean!

Ken and Ryan tidy up in time for Barbie's return

Barbie: I'm back!
Ken and Ryan: Hi Barbie! Welcome home!
Barbie: Aww, looks like you took perfect care of them. That runway wore me out!

Barbie sits down on the wet cushion

Barbie: (disappointed) Guys? Anything you wanna tell me?
Ken: I think I left my oven on!

Ken runs away

Ryan: I think I left his oven on too!

Ryan follows Ken
Some mess is revealed and the pets make noises to Barbie

Barbie: You're right girls. Next time you can boy-sit them!

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