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Playing Heart To Get
Season 3, Episode 1
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Upload Date February 6, 2013
Synopsis Ken makes a grand gesture to get the perfect gift for Barbie, but Ryan wants to as well
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Playing Heart to Get is the first episode of the third season of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. In this episode, Ken sets out to find the perfect gift for Barbie on Valentine's Day, while Ryan follows him around Malibu in an attempt to find a better gift to prove to Barbie that he can be a better boyfriend.


Ryan is looking at himself admiring his good hair day until he bumps into Ken. He asks what Ken is shopping for, and he tells Ryan that he's shopping for the 'big day' tomorrow. Once Ryan looks up, he sees hearts and cupids everywhere. This must mean tomorrow's Valentine's Day!

So he plans to cut off Ken by glitzing Barbie with great gifts and lots of Ryan charm. Meanwhile, he spots Ken buying flowers, and that gives him an idea. He has a fantasy sequence where Ken gives Barbie the flowers, but she hates them and wonders what Ryan is up to. So he asks the clerk for something guaranteed to wow a girl and dump her dopey boyfriend, and she orders a number 32 for him.

Ryan sees Ken again, but this time he's buying chocolates. In another fantasy sequence, Ken holds out the chocolates and says "life is like a box of chocolates". Barbie pushes them into his face and says "No, your face is like a box of chocolates!" Ryan runs into the chocolate store and asks if they do custom orders.

Again, Ryan spies on Ken in the card store looking at cards, but none of them are right for her. He imagines him and Barbie in front of a fire reading his card, but this fantasy sequence is just too good to share! Ryan runs off to make a card and prepares for the big day!

Ken rings the doorbell and holds out a bouquet flowers saying Happy Valentine's Day to Barbie, but gets interrupted by Ryan. He puts a wreath of roses around her which knocks Barbie off her feet, literally. Next, he pulls up a giant, life-sized statue of him, which almost immediately melts in the hot Malibu sun. Ryan then reveals a large card with him dressed as a cupid in the middle, but the cheap sound chip fails and the card malfunctions.

Ryan sure went all out, didn't he? Now it's time to see what Ken got! With Beautiful flowers, Barbie's lifetime favorite chocolate, and a warm, heartfelt card, Ken sure is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, which is totally different than Ken's fantasy sequences, and Raquelle's as well. She got Ken the same things Ryan did, except with it was her.

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  • The scene where Ken is sitting on the bench and says "Life's like a box of chocolates" is a reference to Forrest Gump.
  • Eros makes a cameo in this episode.

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